Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 4th House

When Rahu is placed in fourth house, the house of Moon, Rahu gives auspicious results in general especially when posited alone or with Moon. The native now need not go to Ganga for Holy bath as his daily baths at home will give him equal results. If Moon is well placed in the horoscope like in exaltation (second house); native will gain wealth through articles related to Moon or relatives like Spouse, in-laws etc. Thr relatives related to the house of placement of Mercury will also benefit from these gains and native will also get gains through them.

When Moon is placed in first house and Mercury is placed in 10th house; native will be very lucky in regards to wealth for his family. If Venus is well placed, native will gain after marriage.

If native himself do some renovation in the roof of the house or toilet; stores coal at home; establishes some furnace at home; there will be great financial losses to the native. But it is practically impossible that a native will never go for renovation through out the life. So what is the solution?

The solution is that native should not perform renovation of roof alone rather he should renovate all four walls also. Or use some material from old roof while making new roof. Avoid renovation at toilet. If mandatory, please check the position of Rahu in Yearly horoscope. Perform Rahu remedies for 43 days before renovating toilet.

Wear Silver on body. During health problems, if related to Rahu, put barley in flowing water for 43 days after washing with milk

Seema Kuber RA