Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 5th House

When Rahu is well posited in fifth house, good results of Jupiter do not get afflicted; means native will get respect and good income in society and he will have sharp intellectual mind. He will possess good health. Native will be blessed with child and wealth especially till his mother is alive.

Native , overall, will lead a happy life in terms of family and wealth.

When Moon joins Rahu posited in 5th house and Sun is placed either opposite to Rahu i.e. in 11th house or joins Rahu in 5th house or placed in first house, the house of exaltation of Sun, native will be great worshiper like a saint. There may be problems related to begetting progeny especially male progeny. His mother may die early or he may have to live away from his mother.

When Sun-Moon-Mars are placed in 4-6 houses or Sat-Mars are placed in fifth house, native will not have any problems related to progeny. The native himself and his brothers will be like a king but will lead ascetic life. Native may be blessed with many male children.

When Rahu is ill placed in 5th house, native will keep ill health and face heavy expenses on account of medical bills. He will not beget male progeny. Saturn in 5th house is considered as the snake who kills progeny and Saturn in 9th house is considered as the major obstacle in begetting male progeny. But Rahu in 5th house and ill placed is considered like thunderstorm lighting or a volcano who will kill the child soon after conception. Rahu, ill placed, in 9th house will act like the poisonous snake head (without body) and will kill the male progeny in childhood itself. There will be serious danger to health till 12 years of life. There will also be danger to life of Father or father-in-law. There will be much problems in the years ruled by Rahu.

If due to other strong  combinations, male child survives, the ill effects will be seen on grand child. 

As a remedy, remarry with your wife. Put thin silver piece under threshold of main entrance door equal to its full length. Or serve Cow or another four leg animals. Keep  solid heavy silver elephant (small toy like but must not be hollow; (appx 50 gms) at home. Do not hurt or disrespect sweeper, handicap, one eyed person, widow, poor and labor. Do not indulge in criticism and alcoholism. If possible, do not enter into any profession related to machinery, coal etc. Avoid relationships with one eyed person, completely black person, handicap etc.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert