Its a proven and tested fact that Original Gem Stones can do wonders for the native in improving financial situation and removing evils obstructing in achieving his / her goals and desires. Gem Stones have done miracles in medical astrology also.

Now, you can also improve your life and fulfill desires through Quality Gem Stones. You can purchase Original and Certified Gem Stones from us of various qualities depending upon your budget. You can purchase certified Gem stones from us at reasonable prices. The Certification is done by the government laboratory only.

As per the market trend, Gem Stones normally sold once are not taken back. And astrologically, one should change the Gem Stones every three years as it looses its efficacy after that period. So what to do with expensive stones which are no longer giving good effects to the native? We are the first one to provide solution for this problem. We, at Kuberastrology,  give buy back guarantee at very nominal deduction of the purchased price any time within four years of purchase. You can sell back your Gem Stone to us without any commitment for purchasing new Gem Stone from us. However, if you buy new Gem Stones from us, we give Loyalty discount of 10% to our Valued Customers.

Also, we perform Special Pooja for Gem stone related to his / her deity. The Pooja (worshiping) is done in auspicious muhurta for specific number of days. Even Mantra selection is done considering desire of the native. We perform pooja of the stone relating the desire to be fulfilled for each native separately using native's Janma (Birth) Nakshatra and Gotra. We do not sell un-worshiped Gem Stones.  

Apart from Gem Stones, you may be aware that Yantras like Shri Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Karya Sidhi Yantra, Greha (planet) Yantra etc fulfill desires of the native relating to any particular goal or resolving any serious problem. We provide Abhimantrit (worshiped) Yantra for fulfillment of desires. These Yantras are especially prepared for fulfillment of different desires of the native. General Yantras can be kept with after taking expert advice for longer periods. But Yantras asked for special desires must be disposed off with special care and Pooja as guided by experts. Yantras have great power and energy and they must not be casually purchased from anywhere and be brought at home. Please take advice from the expert. Yantras are ideal in Silver and Gold metal.  

We have team of highly learned Brhamin's who perform special poojas for removing evil effects. Pooja for all nine planets and other doshas like Kaal-Sarpa Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Transit effects of Shani Sady Sathi, Dasha Dosha etc is also performed for the native if desired, at very reasonable charges.

We never insist our customers for taking any additional services. We always suggest to take additional services from local resources only. In any event of difficulty in getting good services at reasonable charges, we will be happy to serve our valued customers so they do not have to face problems for not getting complete solutions for the problems. 

We Guarantee Quality Services and Customer Satisfaction.
Seema Kuber RA   


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