Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 7th House

When Rahu is well placed in 7th house, native himself will be wealthy but his spouse and in-laws will suffer. Native will possess high post in the government. His enemies will get destroyed. When Mercury-Saturn are placed in 2/11 houses, native will be very wealthy. He may also earn through gambling tendencies.

When Rahu is ill placed in 7th house, native may be wealthy but his in-laws will have extreme sufferings. If it happens in a female horoscope especially, and native marries within half period of Rahu i.e. in or before 21 years, native will die or suffer divorce or spouse will die. Either of the husband or wife will suffer defame because of poor moral character. The native could be so characterless that he may not hesitate indulging into sex even with his own daughter or females of his own family. He will suffer on account of gambling tendencies. The native himself may get responsibility of security of wealth but he may suffer for every penny. His friends will destroy his wealth. There will be unnecessary disputes in the family. He will be cursed by females. There will high expenses on diseases and deaths. Native may marry more than once but sufferings will continue. The sufferings of the native will be much beyond tolerance limits and to the extent; if native will think of taking shelter under a tree, that tree will also get destroyed. It means that as such there will be no one to help him out in his problems. In any event, if someone comes for his help, he himself will get destroyed. 

If native indulges in profession related to electrical, Prison, Police etc, there will danger to life till 36th year. 

During marriage, take pure silver piece as donation similar to Kanya Dan (Kanya Dan means when Father donates his daughter for marriage through Vedic rituals). This heavy silver cuboid piece should always be kept with the Female (among couple). This silver piece will not be lost in future and it must not be sold in future despite under any financial problem. If native still faces problems because of ill effects of Rahu, one should put coconut in flowing water. One should never keep dog as a pet at home.

Take a silver pot. Fill it with Holy Ganga Water. Put silver piece in it and get it silver sealed.  (taanka). Refill the pot before it dries up and re-seal it. Ideally , one can refill it once its half empty.

If native had already married before start of 22 years, He / She should take expert advice to ward off evils.

When Rahu is ill placed in 7th house and Mercury or Saturn are placed in 11th house, native should never indulge in profession related to these planets and should also keep no relation with people related to the two planets. 

When Mars or Saturn or both are placed in 5th house, native will beget second child only after 42 years.      

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert