Tula Rashi 2012 Horoscope Predictions

Annual 2012 Moon Sign Libra Tula Rashi Horoscope Predictions

This year Saturn is transiting from your Moon as it is the middle phase of Sadhay Sathi. Beginning of the year will be satisfactory. Your education and skills will prove very handy in professional life but there will be consistent mental unrest related to professional career. Your financial income will be satisfactory especially in the first half. If you are facing any litigation, it may continue to bother you this year also. The second half of the year is not very auspicious as far health and financial issues are concerned. You may face surgical intervention also. Sep-Oct are specially not good for health. Employed people though will try to deliver their best but still there will be consistent mental unrest and you will not get desired appreciation for your work. Professional issues will be of great concern without any major events. It is suggested not to get too much upset with office environment and try to keep seniors happy. Overall, this year is not very auspicious for professional life so do not take any emotional decisions. You may be tempted to quit your current job and opt for another but it is advisable to continue at your current job only as the next year is also not indicating much improvement. Marital life will be satisfactory in first half of the year but second half indicates clashes. Still, your spouse will extend his / her help in your difficult times. Your children will do well in this year.       

Students will get satisfactory result this year but you may remain too much anxious and concern about poor beginning of professional career. The coming time will slowly bring in improvements and you need to keep patience in year 2012-2013. The first half of the year is good hence make good use of it for grabbing the opportunity. Love affairs will be moderate with minor differences.

You can plan to purchase new Vehicle or property. You may be taking some loans in later half of this year or existing loans may be of concern. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert