Mithuna Rasi 2012 Horoscope Predictions

Though the year 2012 will not start with a good note but still this is a mix year for you. In the beginning of the year you may suffer from some unknown fear and inability to take strong decisions. You may feel scared of some financial loss due to any possible wrong decision. In the first half of the year, you will do better in your professional career. You will do lot of hard work and be benefited from it. Some intuitive decisions will bring in wealth and unearned wealth. If you are troubled by your partner and you were not able to take any decision; this is the year when you can terminate your relationship. It will initially make you suffer but will prove beneficial in the long run. Both of you will have financial problems after separation in later half but you have to be more careful. You can also opt for resolving the issues in your favor. Last quarter of the year is inauspicious for professional life. Avoid May-June-July for any major decisions related to profession. Overall, the first half of the year is better than second half. Your enemies will keep you mentally busy but will not be able to do any great harm. You will win in disputes. 

If you are involved in any trading, do not go for too much investments and look for long term investments in this year.
If you had any love affair, this is the time to convert it into arrange marriage. If you are expecting dowry, it may not be as per your expectations. If already married, you will be happy to see wealth coming in through spouse but will be disappointed to get little share from it as mostly will be spent on children.   

You may plan to take some loan to purchase new vehicle etc.

Students will have a mix year this year with poor performance in later half of the year 2012. You will have to work really hard to perform better in your studies.   

You will be worried on account of children. There could be some unwanted disputes with brothers and your brothers may suffer in the first quarter of this year. Your inclination towards spirituality and occult will increase to get material advantage.           

There are not much tensions related to health but you may suffer from little stomach problems and problems related to Kidneys. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert