Karka Rashi 2012 Horoscope Predictions

Annual 2012 Free Horoscope Predictions for Moon Sign Cancer Karka Rashi

Saturn is transiting from the fourth house of Cancer natives which is also called as kantak Dahiya Shani. As Saturn is malefic for Cancer natives, it impacts native health, professional life and mental peace. One suffers through defame, enemies, loans, diseases and sudden accidents like fracture. There will be unexpected disputes with business partner. To ward off such evils, it is highly auspicious to donate Mustard Oil Chaya Patra in a temple in the evening. Please do not put any coins in it. You can leave the oil pot (mud pot) as it is in the temple.

The beginning of the year will be satisfactory. By the middle of the year, pending issues will conclude to your benefit. Pending legal cases especially related to wealth or profession will materialize in your favor. Your Jupiter transit is auspicious which will ward off evils of Saturn transit to greater extent. Especially, if Saturn is well posited in your natal horoscope, you will not feel much negative effects of transit Saturn. If Saturn is ill placed in your natal horoscope, there will be sudden problems in professional life. Your trust-able old subordinates or employees will cheat or quit. Your own relatives may cheat you. Your payments will get stuck and there will be loss of orders to competition.  If you had applied for some loan for betterment, it will get sanctioned. But do any major investments after Horoscope analysis. This year you will feel overburdened by responsibilities. It is suggested to pay all your genuine taxes etc on time to avoid any government penalization. 

If you are planning to do some renovation at home or you plan to sell of existing property and purchase new; it can be done this year but please see that you do not disturb the Vastu of the home. Purchase of new second hand vehicle is also possible. Marital life will progress to your satisfaction but still there will troubles on account of in-laws.  To get relax and regain mental peace, you may travel to some pilgrimage. Do not drive yourself long distance.  

Students will find it tough to concentrate in their studies and will find it difficult to get admission in desired institution. Your mind will get diverted due to attraction towards opposite sex. Students attempting for scholarship will get only partial or no scholarship.  

There will be much worries on account of children and their education. 

Health will not be good throughout the year but with minor ailments. You may suffer from problems related to chest and abdomen. Health of an elderly person like mother etc will also cause serious concern.      

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert