Simha Singh Rashi 2012 Horoscope Predictions

Annual 2012 Leo Sign Simha Rashi Horoscope Predictions

The good news for the Leo natives is that the transit of Saturn has changed and you are now free from Saturn Saday Sathi.

If you are planning to purchase any property this year, please make sure that the new house is free from any Vastu defects. There could be some obstructions and problems related to making of property like labor problems etc. Avoid any major renovation at home and wash room. Though situation is now improving to your favor but please take precautions from May to August as in this period there could be some mental tensions related to family and expenses on account of settling disputes. You are going to work very hard in this year but you need to keep check on your temperament. If you are expecting transfer to your favorable place, it can happen this year itself. If you are planning to to expand your business, you will able to do it this year with some difficulties. The problems related to family life, loans, less savings will considerably reduce. But October-November indicates financial loss or fresh loan. Any pending issues related to partnership, rent etc will also resolve. Your enemies would become stronger and will try to give mental worries and loss but you will boldly face them and give them tough time. Overall, this is the year of improvement and betterment in your professional career barring little hiccups. You will be making plenty of travels this year and would be spending lot of money on different expenses. There could be health related problems to your child and an elderly person at home.  But your children will do well in their exams this year.

This is a reasonably good year as far Health is concerned. There could be minor issues related to sexual life with spouse. You are going to exhaust yourself this year due to more work and little sleep.   

Students appearing for competitive examination will be delighted to see the final results. You will get admission in institution of your choice or any other good institution. Students looking for education at distant place will succeed after some obstacles or with the help of loan. Take special caution in your affairs as any dispute can spoil expected good results. Students passing out and looking for job may find it tough to clear the interviews this year.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert