Vrishbha Rashi 2012 Horoscope Predictions

Annual 2012 Moon Sign Taurus Vrishabha Rashi Horoscope Prediction 

This year starts with the great expectation of going abroad and professional betterment. All problems related to visa etc. will get resolved easily. You will do much efforts this year to make your fortune away from home and your desire to get the dream job abroad will be fulfilled this year. Your opponents though mighty, will finally loose the battle. But please see that the new task is going to put many challenges. And do not loose focus on coming opportunities and grab them right away as carelessness or over confidence may let you repent later. You must be careful and cautious from the people and hidden enemies who are jealous of you. They will not let you enjoy and live happily. Your hard earned income will keep on flushing out on heavy expenses. You will be delighted to make some expenses on good cause. Expenses on account of property, vehicle for the family and spouse are also on the cards. 

Your enemies who had given you tough time in the past will have tough time this year. Overall, despite of leg pulling from different people, you will succeed in your goals and objectives. Disputes and issues with seniors and juniors will bother but eventually you will take control on things. There could be some problems in recovery of money in last quarter of this year. Take due precautions in money transactions in this period. 

People who are expecting promotion in their job could face some obstacles or this promotion may come with transfer. Your professional rivals will try their level best to put blames and obstruct your betterment but will be finally defeated. You could be tempted to take hard decisions related to your juniors due to some misunderstanding. Think twice before taking such decisions. 
Health issues and issues to married life and home will bother you a lot. There may be health related issues to some elderly person at in-laws. You may also suffer from problems related to blood, diabetes, mental unrest etc.

Students will not get result as expected. There will be disappointment and careless attitude towards studies. Love affairs can distract you from studies and also cause defame. 

You will be much worried in this year related to your children. If your children will attempt for scholarship, they will be successful in this year. Your father will do very well in his profession and may look for betterment in his profession. He would be in a position to financially support you. He will happily give you financial support but do not expect favors as it will be on loan basis.

Elderly people can expect to take up some religious responsibility for noble cause thereby compensating in your prestige and social respect.       

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert