Free Kundli Gun Milan Match Making and Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage

When two young people of opposite sex meet each other, and like each other; they fall in love. They decide to marry but things really get stuck when their parents and Astrologers declare it as unsuitable match. It really hurts. It is very painful to separate two people who love each other so much.

Mostly, the match is declared unfit as the Gun Milan is not good enough. Mostly its Nadi, Bhakoot and other doshas. And due to lack of knowledge, the would be couple suffers. We are here trying to share, not everything but the basic knowledge about how and why Gun Milan is done so you can understand the hidden facts. After reading these posts, you will be able to match yourself and appreciate the reasons for why is it done. You will be able to discuss your horoscopes with people who are enforcing rejection of the proposal.

NADI DOSHA VICHAR AND BHAKOOT VICHAR ARE THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS in Ashtakoot Milan or Horoscope Matching and Compatibility for Marriage

As , the two most important aspects of Horoscope Matching are Bhakoot and Nadi, we can straight away go for there matching to get qucik results in 2 minutes. These yoga or dosha are given very high importance across the country and the two yoga alone contibute 15 points out of 36. As we expect at least 18 points for the marriage, these 15 points take us very close for the marriage. Also, if these two donot match and we still get 18 or more points, it will not be considered as good match. Henceforth, if you want to take quick decision whether the match is suitable or not, it is always recommended to match Nadi and Bhakoot followed by other matching. So match the two first;  Bhakoot and Nadi Matching. But in any case, you will require proper matching which you can do your self from these posts or you can also ask for free matching by professional Astrolgoers. Do not trust softwares matching as it could be misleading. You can contact us for free Horoscope Matching for Ashtakoot Milan.

Now a days, we have softwares to match the horoscopes but no software actually recommends marriage. Rather no software can actually decide for the marriage as Horoscope matching is much more than just Ashtkoot Milan. Hence, we will not just stop at Ashtkoot Milan and shall also enlighten our readers about other yoga like Manglik yoga etc.  

Lets see how it works from the basics:

In the Ashtakoot Milan or Ashtakoot Matching or Ashtakoot Compatibility,  we match Ashta i.e. eight things. They are as under:

1) Varna Vichar
2) Vashya Vichar
3) Tara Vichar
4) Yoni Vichar
5) Greha Maitri  Vichar
6) Gan Vichar
7) Bhakoot Vichar
8) Nadi Vichar      

The points allotted to each part of the Ashtakoot Milan is same as their serial number. That means, we give only one point to Varna vichar; 2 points to Vashya Vichar; 3 points to Tara Vichar and so on. Hence we will give 8 points to Nadi Vichar. As Bhakoot and Nadi dosha gets maximum 7 and 8 points respectively, they carry utmost importance. 

The total points are 36 Guna when we add all points i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36

We will discuss them one by one.

If you want a quick match, please read the Bhakoot and Nadi Milan first as you will get the most important matching straightaway. 
S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert