Free Kundli Gun Milan Match Making and Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage

Varna Vichar

As you may be aware that there are four Varna mentioned in classical texts:

1) Brahmin
2) Kshatriya
3) Vaishya
4) Shudra

This classification is based on the nature of deeds people used to do in ancient times. For example, Kshatriya used to fight for the nation and Vaishya used to do trade. Shudra used to perform low serving type of work.

Please keep in mind that the Ashtakoot Milan or matching revolves around the Moon sign only and not ascendant. 

The table below will let you know about Varna of Boy and Girl. 

Moon Sign 4 or Cancer 1 or Aries 2 or Taurus 3 or Gemini
Moon Sign 8 or Scorpio 5 or Leo 6 or Gemini 7 or Libra
Moon Sign 12 or Pisces 9 or Sagittarius 10 or Capricorn 11 or Aquarius

                      After you know the Varna, please match the Varna of Boy and Girl to get point. You will get either 1 point or Zero point. 


   GIRL ↓
Brahmin Kshatriya   Vaishya  Shudra 
Brahmin 1 point nil nil nil
Kshatriya 1 point

1 nil nil
Vaishya 1 point 1

1 nil
Shudra 1 point 1

1 1


1) If Boy has Brahmin Varna i.e. Boy has Moon sign either Cancer (4) or Scorpio (8) or Pisces (12)
he can marry to girl of any Varna.

2) If Boy has Kshatriya Varna i.e. Boy has Moon sign 1/5/9, he can marry to any girl other than Brahmin.

3) If Boy has Vaishya Varna, i.e. Moon sign 2/6/10, he can marry to Vaishya Varna (2/6/10) and Shudra Varna (3/7/11)

4) A Shudra boy (3/7/11) can marry only Shudra girl (3/7/11)

The above mentioned Varna are in decreasing order of status. In earlier days, Brahmin used to get the maximum respect in society. A Brahmin boy being a male could marry any girl as he had to lead the family. Due to his higher status, he could easily handle girls of lower caste. Even our elders have stated that one should not accept girl of higher status.

In modern days, we can hardly see mentioned differentiation. Hence, we need not worry if we do not get this one point. As mentioned earlier, Nadi and Bhakoot are the two most important in Ashtkoot Milan as the two alone contribute 8 + 7 = 15 points out of 36 points.

Best Regards
S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert