Karka Rasi 2015 Horoscope Predictions

Karka Rasi 2015 Horoscope Predictions

As you know, Saturn is the first and main planet who play important role in transit predictions. Please see detailed report for Saturn Transit 2015 also. 

Career and Wealth

First three months are auspicious but afterwards, you may face some concerns due to feeling of uneasiness and wrong decisions. You may be separated from family and children in first half of the year due to new assignments.  There will be tensions at work place but you may continue to do well till March end. There will be fear of loss due to mistakes rather blunders. There is no sense to put your money for any trading. Enemies and opponents will trouble. You may use some hard words towards your Boss and suffer thereby. There will no financial betterment in first half of the year but second half of the year you may try to take some advance or loan through employer. Any fresh investments in business will give only loss especially in first half of the year. The transit is more bad for Pushya natives. For Punarvasu, it is slightly better and for Ashlesha, it will give least malefic results.

Love, Family and Health

There will be disagreements in love relationship. You may propose someone for marriage with no success especially in first half. There will be disagreements among friend circle. One of your close friend will also face troubles along with you. Spouse health will suffer but she will recover soon. One of your child may also face troubles in his / her life. Your own friends and children will start avoiding you. In second half of the year, intensity of problems may reduce. Pushya and Punarvasu natives will face health concerns.

Students will not be able to focus on studies. Even close friends will avoid you and not extend any help. You may commit mistakes while answering questions. Second half is slightly better.

This year, when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions,  ask for past predictions of the current life from your astrologer. Test your Astrologer. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert