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Mithuna Rasi 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Om Gan Ganpatay Namha

Mithun  Rashi 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Gemini 2013 Horoscope Predictions

Career and Profession

The year 2013 will start with pressures of completing your goals and objectives in time. You will feel the pressure to improve finances and future so will look forward to even sacrifice long holding jobs. You can expect transfer to your desired place. You may even think to resort to quick earning methods but your thoughts will be clouded resulting in wrong investments. Businessmen will think of refreshing partnerships for betterment but be careful in choosing the right people among your friends. You are looking very sharp and cunning this year but the final results may not be as exciting as expected as there is risk of extreme results in terms of loss as well as gains.  It will be wise this year not to listen to any advices on how to manipulate taxes else it will eventually be harmful. You can also expect expenses on account of children, their education and career. Your Father and you may both look forward to betterment in your profession but there will be differences among two with regard to taking decisions for betterment in career and investments.    

You may face criticism despite you will put your best efforts. People may misunderstand your words and you end up hurting others. Your own near and dear ones whom you had trusted the most will betray you.  Avoid taking too much financial pressures by way of loans. 

Love, Family and Health

This is not very auspicious year for love relationship. You will make new friends or have opportunity to meet some old friends through modern communication means like internet. Avoid exchanging any confidential information about your family. There will concerns related to family and children. You may face some awkward situations because of actions and decisions of your children. If fifth house of your horoscope shows concern related to progeny, you will face problems related to their health. You need to take care of your own health as well mental aberrations. You may face troubles on account of uneasiness, digestive complaint, gain of weight and back problems. Avoid putting any allegations on your spouse as it will disturb your marital aspects. Avoid and close association with your friends in social activities. This year you may look forward to spiritual help and you would not mind even seeking help out of your own beliefs and tradition. You may have to stay away from your family to achieve your professional goals.  


Students connected with Computers and some research will do better but you have to be cautious while taking decisions of dropping a year for betterment next year or for that matter decision pertaining to change of field. You may experience some difficulties during examination as may forget even the best prepared lessons. If you do not loose focus and relax your mind, you will be able to outscore others. You will be seriously fascinated by some foreign institute and your parents will really feel the pressure to help you meet your expectations. Do not overburden them with loans on your fast track decisions. Do not get very rigid on your decisions and it will be wise to appreciate circumstances of family. You can put your best efforts to succeed in any competition but success will come through other resources and manipulation.    


This is a discouraging year for financial aspects. You may not feel happy on account of wealth as there will be high expenses or loss in this year.  

This year, when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions,  please do not forget to ask for past predictions of the current life from your astrologer. Test your Astrologer. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you telling him everything and all your problems. Please help to save the divine science of Astrology.

S Kuber RA
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