What is Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab (5) 

People used to finalize relationships for marriages for most of the people during his days as people had blind faith on him. Some people tried to manipulate things by making false horoscopes. Pandit Ji could quickly understand such manipulations as he could make the horoscopes on his own just by looking at the face or photograph or palm of the native.

Pandit Ji used to keep a red pen with him which he used to write predictions. He had such divine powers that he could even interfere in almost fixed destinies through Lal Kitab Remedies. But, modern Lal Kitab Astrologers can no do the same as all are professional astrologers. He carried so powerful energies that he could get the stay on death sentence of many people. It was nothing less than miracle to stop death sentences through Lal Kitab Remedies.

People used to wonder that why Pandit Ji never charged any money for his services. Actually, Pandit Ji never aimed for any money but he was happy to get the respect he used to get from all men and women irrespective of their status. Everybody respected him like a God Father.

Pandit Ji had predicted about his own death also to people who met him in his last days. On 24th December, 1984, a young boy came to his place but was hesitant to come in and show his horoscope. Pandit Ji called him in and looked at his horoscope. He was not getting any job. Pandit Ji told him that the place where you slept next night; there lives an old man next door. You will get the job after he dies. And, he is going to die very shortly. Pandit Ji's family members were sitting next to him. They told Pandit Ji that this young boy has come to stay next door to Pandit Ji's house only. 

Pandit Ji replied that whatever his planets were indicating, he had told the same and its not possible to change death as its certain for all. Nest day Pandit Ji dies and the young boy got the offer letter.

This is very very brief information about Pandit Rup Chand Ji Joshi and consider it as tip of the iceberg. His personality is so vast and deep like any Divine that we can not express in words.

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