What is Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab (4)

One day, a person came to Pandit Ji for some serious trouble. He did not tell anything to Pandit Ji.

After looking at the horoscope for a minute, Pandit Ji asked the native....

Is there anybody mental at home?

Native replied, Yes.  His wife had lost her mental balance.

Pandit Ji asked second question.....

Had you changed your profession around 10 years back?

Native replied... Yes. He had changed from government job to his own business.

Pandit Ji asked the final question.....

Who is missing at home?

That was too much for the native as he did not tell him anything. Actually, his own son was missing. Pandit Ji told him that his son is alive and asked him to do some remedy and told him to wait till 30 days. His son came back within 30 days by himself.

He was very kind and noble person but used to get angry quickly over people trying to offer him something. Even today, most of the Lal Kitab Astrologers carry really hot temperament and for the reason people may call them unprofessional.Please forgive us for the same.

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