What is Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab (3) 

Pandit Rup Chand Joshi Ji used to give his predictions from Lal Kitab by reading the phrases written in it. He used to mention many times that "He is reading what He (the divine) asked him to write. He used to give predictions for every horoscope like this only i.e by reading phrases written in His own Lal Kitab. 

Pandit Ji had one more quality which most of the people do not know. He was master of Vaastu. His mastery was not restricted to just simple Home or property Vastu but had the capacity to make the map of the horoscope by looking at the natal horoscope or just even photograph of the person. His mastery over Vastu was so brilliant that he could design house map for individual that will suit him as per his horoscope. General Vastu rules never suit everyone and for the reason, Pandit Rup Chand joshi Ji clearly figured out how the Vastu of the home is designed. He had clearly stated in his lal Kitab that which articles should not kept in which direction of the house as per the horoscope of the owner of the house. He even mentioned that what articles should not be put on walls related to different planets. Lal Kitab Vastu is ultimate as it directly links each individual unlike modern Vastu principles which are applicable only superficially and it could be dangerous to change Vastu without following Lal Kitab.     

Let us see some of his readings and we are sure you will not just get amazed but will really feel sorry for yourself that you could not personally meet him. Even we feel the same today every time when we give predictions using his unfailing methodology.  We have helped many people to live happily just by changing little things at their homes just using his brilliant Vastu tips.

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