What is Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab  (2)

When Pandit Ji was writing Lal Kitab waking up next morning, he used to forget few phrases as told to him last night. To his surprise, his small kids around 3 years used to tell him what to write! He was really amazed and disturbed to see what was happening but he accepted the same as his destiny.

After the education got completed, Pandit Rup Chand Joshi Ji started giving predictions on horoscope early morning before going to his office. People were really amazed to see on the spot predictions and slowly his name and fame spread all over. Sundays used to be very hectic and busy for him. He never charged any money for his service and for the reason he got divine help in giving predictions. Whenever any body insisted to pay him some money etc., Pandit Ji used to tell him not to come next time. For the reason people were scared not to offer him anything as it could annoy him a lot. He never differentiated between rich or poor and served all with equality. He wanted to share this divine knowledge hence he wrote books on the same but without any intention to make any money from publishing. He used to distribute the books even free.

But, there were many people asking for the book and Pandit Ji decided to get it published through one of his friend Pandit Girdhari Lal. The books were published without writer's name. Pandit Ji would have easily taken permission from British government as so many people working there used to respect him like a legend. But since beginning, Pandit Ji was so modest that he never wanted even single rupee towards his authorship.   

After the death of Pandit Ji, some unscrupulous people made false claims about the originality of the book stating it to be some Arab or Persian book. some claimed it be of  J & K or H.P. origin just to take advantage of Pandit Ji's nobility. today, we really feel because of wrong spread informtation about Lal Kitab just because of his modesty. People claiming Lal Kitab to be of different origin or their own origin could never produce even single copy of the same from their own origin. 

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