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Pandit Rup Chand Joshi

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The original writer of Lal Kitab is respected Pandit Rup Chand Joshi. The whole Astrology community is greatly indebted to Pandit Rup Chand Joshi Ji for his amazing predictive techniques of Lal Kitab. We have great legends to talk about in Vedic Astrology but Pandit Ji is the sole Astrologer who had given us completely new concepts and Remedies never given by any other Astrologer or legends of Vedic Astrology. There is no other book even anywhere near to Lal Kitab for remedies in Astrology.

To best of our knowledge, Pandit Rup Chand Joshi was born on 18th January, 1898 in Jallandhar (Fharwala) of Punjab, India. His Father's name was Pandit Jyotish Ram Joshi who used to work for Punjab Revenue department and also owned agricultural land.  Unfortunately, Pandit Ji's mother dies in his childhood. Being eldest in the family, he took over responsibility of his family quite early in his age. He did not enjoy childhood like other children. He was fond of learning and had mastery over Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi and English language. Urdu being the most popular language, he wrote his Lal Kitab in Urdu language but the book included many Persian and Punjabi words and phrases which makes life difficult for modern students. 

Pandit Ji was well educated of his times and was gazetted rank officer in defense accounts service. Pandit Rup Chand Joshi had divine instincts from his early age itself. He used to forecast about owners just by looking at forehead of their animals. Later, he started forecasting past events through palmistry but was not able to predict future. so he decided to go for advanced learning. He studied Astronomy also. 

One day, when he went to his native place on annual leaves, he saw some divine in his dream. He could not see the face of the divine power but he had mentioned that the divine power was some male. He was told that he has been selected for a special new branch of Astrology. later, Pandit Ji used to get all his learning in nights through the divine and next morning, he used to write the same.            

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