Become Privilege Member of Kuberastrology


How can I join


Annual membership opens only in the month of March and September,  with limited member entry   


You can become privilege member if you have consulted us before. It gives direct access to S Kuber RA 365 days in a year for just US $ 2100 or Rs 1,08,000 only

How can new visitor join

You may first consult him and take past predictions and future predictions of current life. 

How to enroll all family members

All members, not exceeding four, can enroll for just US $ 3000 or Rs 1,50,000 only.

What service I will get

Just feel like family member and discuss all your problems live online. Each session will be of maximum 2 hours and you can have maximum 100 sessions in a year.  S Kuber RA will guide you like your elder for all important decisions. He will not only predict but also guide for remedies and take care about all functions and ceremonies during that year including your Vastu. Everything is included as assistance which can be offered through Astrology. 

How to pay

You can pay in US Dollars or in Indian Rs as convenient. It is one time payment and please do not ask for part payments.     

Can I call him every day

Yes, you can. email your problems and discuss live. 

What if I have emergency

Make a direct call 24 hours. We will attend you asap.

Can I ask for my friend 

Yes, for urgent conditions

Can I ask for my parents

Yes, if you have added them.

Can I ask for anything for family members in that year


Will he himself attend me every time.


Can I meet S Kuber RA personally

Yes, with prior appointment at no extra charges. You will get appointment for meeting for same day or maximum next day

How much time I will get per session

2 hours in one session  

I want to know more about this service 

Call 0 92133  58369 
         011 427 58369