Guru Peyarchi Palangal Mithuna Rashi Jupiter Transit 2013 2014 in Gemini


Jupiter Transit 2013, 2014 in Mithuna Rashi 

Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2013, 2014 in Gemini

Guru Brihaspati Gochar with effect from May 31, 2013 


For Kumbha Rashi natives, transit of Saturn and Rahu is giving mix results since past and Guru was transiting 4th house till now which is considered as neutral transit. Many may opine that Jupiter transit was favorable in Vrishbha rashi for Kumbha natives but as far we are concerned, we do not consider this transit as favorable. You must have faced unexpected expenses and you may console yourself with thoughts that it was done for good reasons. Though Jupiter transit in Mithuna rashi is inauspicious in general but it is not the case for Kumbha natives as you are going to make good money and fulfill your desires in this transit. Jupiter in 5th house will aspect very important houses and planets in transit hence will prove very auspicious. Your social image will improve and people will stop doubting on you. you will be able to improve your image among your seniors and obstacles in your betterment will slowly start to dissolve. 

If you were facing any health problems or problems related to in-laws or siblings; that will also improve to your way.  You will get opportunity to spend time with your friends and girl friends and family. This is the right time to keep some time free to participate in some activities with kids and friends especially if you are running supportive Vimshotri dasa. This is not the right time to get married but absolutely the right time to make new friends and girl / boy friends. You will have options to choose the best among them as you will end up making plenty. If you are looking for expansion in family through child, go ahead and plan for conception as you can expect child in Jupiter transit in Karka Rashi. It will be good to plan child with Jupiter exalted next year provided Jupiter is benefic planet for both Father and mother horoscopes.

There is no need to jump to new job as you can expect betterment and good earnings in current job itself. Even self employed people will also make good money. You may not get promotion by this transit but you are sure to improve status and image at work place and socially. It will be wrong decision to change job at this stage and you must avoid the same. Patience is the key word for you as you are going to reap excellent results in future. Your Indian associations may obstruct your betterment abroad and you may end up in two minds eventually making no decision. Your own family members will become a problem in your betterment abroad. If you are already working abroad and expecting some benefits related to green card etc; you can prepare yourself for positive results. 

In previous transit of Jupiter, you bank balance was in bad shape but this year you can expect it to improve considerably.  You may use this money for betterment of your family and friends. Any pending loan applications will be cleared or you may also clear pending loans. You can also undertake smart investments. 

The months of May and June are highly auspicious for career. Your hard work will bring many rewards. Do not get tempted for new job rather use it skillfully to get betterment  at current job itself.  If you must change, you can change your job in theses two months.

First two weeks of July 2013 are auspicious but rest of the month is inauspicious  hence we suggest you not to plan any shopping, donations or any investment decisions. Do not take important decisions.

August 2013 is again auspicious in general.     

September to November 2013 are again very auspicious as you would be able to make good money and see positive results of this transit. You can take important decisions and also plan important functions at home. 

December 2013 to June 2014 is again auspicious rather mix as you can expect negative results for health. Wealth prospects will remain good.

This year, when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions,  please do not forget to ask for past predictions of the current life from your astrologer. Test your Astrologer. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you telling him everything and all your problems. Please help to save the divine science of Astrology.

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer