Refund and Cancellation Policy

In any unforeseen circumstances of cancellation of order of Horoscope Predictions, we refund 100%* charges paid for Consultation. 

No deductions are made other than two-way transaction charges not exceeding 10% of the order value.

*Less transaction charges as applicable not exceeding 10% of the order value

For example, if you pay Rs 3000 against an order, you will get refund of Rs 2700 or more after cancellation within 7 days of cancellation of order. 

*No refund is given against any false details or incorrect details or any wrong information. We give no refund for any manipulations being conducted while taking horoscope predictions.  We are not bound for giving past report for any details not of direct native.  

*No refund is issued if refund is not claimed within 90 days of sending the payment 

*Delhi Jurisdiction only


We never intent to keep any money for we have not offered service. The above mentioned terms are as per guidelines of legal department.