Plan Your Future

ॐ गण गणपतये नमः 
ॐ नमः शिवायै शिवाय नमः 

Make Your Destiny Yourself

We do not just answer your questions and suggest remedies. We assist you much beyond it so you can actually plan your future yourself.  Your personal horoscope prediction report will have detailed information and complete mapping of future life apart from Future Predictions and answers to all your questions bothering your mind. We never restrict you for asking any number of questions.   

You can ask anything related to Career, Health, Marital, Love, Progeny, Wealth, Property, litigation or any other questions bothering your mind currently 

We especially cover major dosha like pitra dosha, Kaal Sarp dosha, Gand moola dosha or other major doshas which are affecting your life negatively and how to get rid of them? 

Lucky days, years and colors

Inauspicious days, years and colors

What type of people and relatives will be harmful in life.

What type of people or relatives will prove benefic if associated in career or business or personal life

What type of people you should be more careful who can harm you?

Which donations should not be done which may cause harm rather than giving benefit

Which type of donations will be auspicious for Wealth, Health and career betterment.

How to keep your residence and office free from effects of malefic planets 

How to place benefic planets strongly inside home and office for betterment

When to renovate your house, stairs, roof, wash rooms etc without getting malefic results

How to choose life style to keep away from malefic planets of your horoscope? While  adapting different life styles, we get closely associated with one or more planets. We will tell you about auspicious planets of your horoscope and life style related to that planet. For example, for some people making temple at home could be very beneficial and for some, it can bring disasters in life despite it is made in very positive direction of the house (for example North-East). so for such natives, we suggest to visit to temple nearest from home rather than doing worship at home

What Lal Kitab Remedies should be performed to improve overall life and growth

What should be the name of your new business house

We have special service which no other Astrologers give and is included free in personal horoscope predictions. Please see details below

We generally believe that a house if made according to ancient Vastu principles is good for health and overall prosperity. It is true to some extent. But a house, constructed as per Vastu principles will actually become home when you start living there. As planets influence us to take decisions in life in the same way planets also influence our liking for different things. For example, some of us my like red car whereas other person may completely dislike it and will prefer a white car. In the same way we have different choices for different articles we buy for home and self and we keep them in different directions at home. If we know the malefic planets of our horoscope and also articles and directions of house related to that planet, we can start the remedies from the right place i.e. our own living house. We may keep on putting articles related to malefic planet in flowing water etc but unless we are keeping malefic things related to that planet inside our house and especially in wrong directions, we will never get rid of malefic effects.

We do so many remedies to ward off evils of malefic planets but unknowingly, we keep articles related to malefic planets inside our house in the same direction where such planet gives malefic results. 

For example, if someone has malefic Saturn in his horoscope located in west direction of the horoscope, keeping articles related to Saturn in west direction of our living place will give highly malefic results and native will get no relief from malefic effects of such planet. 

You will agree, no other Astrologer had ever guided you in past like this. Kuberastrology is the only place who guides you for such important aspects of life while giving your personal horoscope predictions. We do not just answer your questions. We change Lives. 

How to Order Predictions

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We give first horoscope reading our self and you need not narrate your problems at first go. You can ask your questions after getting the first reading. 

Under separate service, you can also ask for your past predictions right from your date of birth till date. We provide birth time rectification also.

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