Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter in 10th House

Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter in 10th House

Lal Kitab states that Jupiter in 10th house keeps the native in grief and he remains irritated in life for daily expectations. If God has given promise in the horoscope that native will not be able to make wealth for himself than there is no point crying for it. All tears will go waste. 

Native does not get any name or fame despite having good intellect. Native may not get any ancestral wealth. All the hopes for positive results will be based on position of Saturn in the horoscope. So there is no point running after this Jupiter as only Saturn is the planet who can give good results to the native. 

One will be religious but still suffers poverty. As native becomes more kind, his poverty increases. People consider his pure oil equal to urine means native does not get any credit of his knowledge. Both childhood and adulthood will be spent very ordinary rather in bad state. Native may dream about castles but himself will found his bed inside herd. Desires will never be fulfilled. 

When Saturn is ill placed in horoscope, native will suffer on account of unnecessary expenses. One will be illiterate and communal. He will always be opposed by others hence gets unfavorable results. 

When Saturn is placed in 4th house opposite to Jupiter or Saturn is placed in conjunction with Jupiter in 10th house or Saturn is in debilitation house i.e. 1st house, native will be very kind in nature but whenever he will extend help to others due to his kindness, he will suffer more. Native will himself have to face sufferings of others. If native tries to feed others, he may be arrested for poisoning. The gravity of poverty may be extreme depending on individual horoscope. Same results may be expected if Moon is placed in 4th house. 

When Ketu is afflicted in the horoscope, native will loose all the wealth and gold. If native thinks about helping others, he will suffer from breathing problems. Do remedy for Ketu or Jupiter.      

When there is no planet in 2nd house, native will be God fearing person but without wealth. 

When 2,4,5,6 houses are vacant, native will have poor fortune and none will extend him any help. He will have to get success through his own efforts only. 

When Sun is placed in 5th house, wife dies early. She dies after birth of male child. 

When Mercury is placed in 4th house in opposition to Jupiter or in 10th house in conjunction with Jupiter or in Jupiter's house i.e. 9th house; it will give highly inauspicious results. Father of the native will suffer from poverty. Father may die from some unnatural blood poisoning in young age of the native. Wealth status will be like an empty pot. People will make him marry but his marital life will become like and empty drum by the time he reaches 34 years. It means, native will suffer on marital account and may face separation. As a remedy, one should clean his nose every day and wear silver pin in the nose. 

When Saturn in placed in 9th house and Sun is placed in 3rd or 5th house; native should not indulge in Saturn related work else he will suffer on account of Saturn related and work etc. There will be fire, poison, dispute etc and evil results will be obtained. 

When house number 5 / 4 / 9 are occupied by Saturn, Sun, Mercury; native suffers on account of spouse, child, theft, travel etc. There will be wealth problems also. 

When Saturn supports this debilitated Jupiter, who ever comes in contact with native will suffer instantly. The sufferer will not get opportunity to even repent on his decision as sufferings will be immediate. Others get no benefit from the native and even dog of the family gets no bread and ants gets no wheat flour to feed.

As we have seen that in general, this Jupiter in 10th house due to debilitation house will give adverse results to the native only excepting Saturn extending support to Jupiter which may divert bad results to others. But the malefic results of this Jupiter may be controlled by other planets. Let us see how:- 

Native will rise in his life through some physical work. He will not get too much involved in religious activity. He will be neither greedy nor extend help to others foolishly. Cleverness will be key to success. He will avoid unnecessary love affairs. He will be highly intelligent despite may have ordinary wealth. Saturn will be the key planet for the native. 

When Saturn is well placed and Sun or Moon are placed in 5/6 house, there will be no courtyard in the center of the house. Association with religious place will work like benefic Saturn for the native. Now you can see here one of the combination mentioned in Lal Kitab that one should rather must go to temple when Jupiter is in 10th house. S Kuber RA tells you not to listen to such Lal Kitab Astrologers who tell you not to go to the temple. Most of the Lal Kitab Astrologers are poorly connected to Vedic Astrology and have no knowledge about Shastra hence they are misguiding people. Please contact Kuberastrology and Astrologer S Kuber RA for right guidance and do not stop going to temple abruptly. There are other important combinations and secrets known to us to guide you for success despite Jupiter in 10th house. 

An ordinary iron ring will work like gold for the native. Native will gain from Saturn related work and be blessed with happiness of parents. 

When Mars or Venus are placed in 4th hose, native makes lot of money and even mud will be sold at price of gold. But the only warning is that native should not make hidden relations with woman. If native wants, he may marry more than once (if courts of law allow) but she should be his legal wife and not a keep.

When Sun is placed in 4th house, Jupiter debilitation is cancelled. Burnt stones will be refreshed and native will be blessed with gold. 

When Mars is placed in 4th house, native will benefit from Mars related. Things and relative related to Mars will be auspicious. Brother will contribute a lot for his benefic from 28th year onwards. Native will be fortunate. 

When Saturn occupies 2nd house, it reverses bad results. Native will be blessed with wealth. 

As mentioned above when Sun is in 3/5 house and Saturn is in 9th house, it will be good to involve in Sun related work and not Saturn related. 

When Moon occupies 2nd house, this combination is very good. When sun occupies 2nd house, again auspicious. Native will earn wealth through government or job travel related. 

When Sun is placed in exaltation house i.e. 1st house or 4th house or 5th house, bad results will be transferred to grand father instead of Father. 

When Mercury is well placed in the horoscope and Mercury does not affect Jupiter by its placement, we consider this as much relief to the horoscope. Native will beget male child and copper will be converted to gold. Happiness around and native will fulfill his duties.

If you have Jupiter in 10th house, do not get mislead by individual placement as this Jupiter may bless you many good results also. Get your horoscope checked by asking for paid horoscope predictions from Astrologer S Kuber RA