Mesha Rashi 2014 Mesh Rasi 2014 Horoscope Predictions

Mesha Rashi Mesh Rasi Aries Career Horoscope Predictions 2014
The first half of the year is indicating mix results. Your rashi lord Mars will be transiting from sixth house. You will no doubt be aggressive in your actions and will try your best to compete things but  opportunities may not be converted into positive results. First half of the year shows some overload of work and some concerns with seniors and related to opponents. But second half of the year is overall beneficial as it will bring progress and stability in life. You can plan for good house in second half of the year and can sell of your old house. If you had desire to unite again for joint family or get opportunity to welcome some respected elder person; you can expect him to visit your place and bless you. There will be serious improvement in home and mental happiness in second half of the year. If you are associated with some banking or spiritual fields, you will do better than others. Your professional betterment will give you lot of mental happiness and previous year frustration will be removed. If you are planning to sell some old property, it will be sold at good price and you will be able to plan better. If you are self employed or businessman you can expect moderate growth in this year. You can start new ventures also. Middle of the year and onwards is favorable for abroad related activities.

Mesha Rashi Mesh Rasi Aries Health Horoscope Predictions 2014

Overall year 2014 is certainly not healthy year especially till August end. You may face problems like injuries, head problems, urine and kidney problems, increase in cholesterol levels etc. 

Mesha Rashi Mesh Rasi Aries Love and Marital Horoscope  Predictions 2014

First half is not positive in regards to keeping any positive and healthy relationship. If you could not control your temper, it will result into some dispute and break up. Second half of the year is favorable to build serious relationships and trying to convert the same for legal wed lock. There will be problems in married couple in first half. You need to control your anger to avoid further complications. The year 2014 is not favorable for health of the spouse.

Mesha Rashi Mesh Rasi Aries Education Horoscope Predictions 2014 

First half of the year indicates that you are going to do real hard work to meet your goals and objective and success will come your way by middle of the year. There may be unnecessary delay or obstructions in second quarter of the year which is the actual time for changing but keep your cards open for third quarter as you will be able to get through your desired place even after admissions are closed. But, this exercise needs to be done after you got hold of something in your hands. You need to focus for some local institution rather than abroad. Overall, you should not feel irritated for not getting through early breaks as you will eventually make up at last. 

This year, when you ask for your personal and paid horoscope predictions, ask for past predictions of current life from your astrologer and test him. Let your Astrologer tell you why your horoscope reached him for reading rather than you tell him about all your problems.
S Kuber RA
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