Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn in 2nd second house

Saturn generally gives good results in second house for the native himself. If Saturn is malefic in second house, the best remedy to ward off evils of Saturn is to go to temple bare foot. This remedy alone is very useful. 

Saturn in second house is inauspicious especially for in-laws family. When native marries, Saturn in second house gets immediately into action and gives bad results for in laws family. Saturn in second house if malefic gives adverse results for father in respective ages of Saturn but mother does not get affected especially when Moon is well placed. 

When Jupiter is placed in 11th house, native gets involved in company of bad people and bad deeds. Native is low on self confidence and commitment. Native looses courage quickly. 

If sun is placed in 12th house; native gets involved in gambling and develops dubiety. Native gets defame.

Another remedy for this Saturn is to wash face with milk or curd but application of oil on the face especially on the forehead will give adverse results. 

If planet is posited in 8-9-10-12 houses, native will develop feeling of sadness towards life. 

When Saturn is well placed in 2 house and Jupiter is also well placed in 4th house, it gives very sharp intellect to the native and high spiritual development. If Ketu is placed in 9th house; native will have excellent understanding capabilities. When Mars is in 8th house, one will be wealthy. When Mercury is in 8th house, one will be very intelligent. When Saturn is joined with Rahu in second house, native is as innocent as child. When Jupiter is placed in 10th house, it gives association with some religious place and native spends money with great care.  

Mercury in 12th house is generally bad. When Saturn is placed in 2 house and Mercury is placed in 12 house; and natives beget female child before 34 years in life; native should donate his daughter to in laws family immediately after birth. It will give very auspicious results for both families. But this remedy is required to be done immediately after the birth. The female child should not get wardship with income of the native. 

To check if Saturn is malefic or benefic in 2nd house; observe changes after engagement with in laws family. There financial position will start deteriorating. On one side, native may prosper on account of property, vehicle, machinery etc and on other side; similar things will be lost for in laws family. One should immediately start going to temple bare foot as later it can spoil Father health also. Feeding milk to snakes will also prevent damage for in laws. If Rahu is placed in 8th house, it will be harmful for males of the in laws family and Rahu in 12th will be harmful for wealth of in laws family. Rahu in 9th house will cause separation from family members. Jupiter in 8th will create ungrounded thoughts. Sun + Mercury + Jupiter in 8th will cause extreme depression and tendency to live alone. Sun in 8th will give defame. 

When Mars is malefic in the horoscope, it will give adverse results from 28 to 39 years of life for health issues.

Another remedy to ward off evil is to serve brown buffalo and avoid black and black-n-white buffalo. 

Overall, Saturn in 2nd house is not bad for the native himself as it makes the native kind at heart. He may give somewhat bad impression about himself while speaking but will have sharp intellect actually. Feeding milk to snakes will be auspicious. Going to temple bare foot will be auspicious. Offering milk at Shiv Linga will be auspicious. By performing these simple remedies, native will be able to earn lot of wealth but outflow may remain very high and uncontrolled. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer