Saturn transit in Scorpio Vrischika Rashi 2015, 2016, 2017 for Cancer Karka Rashi Sani Peyarchi Palangal Palan


Saturn is going to transit in your fifth house in Scorpio Sign Vrischika Rashi in year 2016, 2017. As per Moorthy Nirnaya method, this change of transit is happened in Loha or Iron Moorthy which gives 1/4 good results also. As your transit is in 5th house, it will give ordinary results.

We are going to give predictions not only for general transit of Saturn in your fifth house but we will also give predictions with respect to your natal horoscope for the first time in the history of Astrology. So, read the full post to appreciate deeper results

Fifth house in natural zodiac is most benefic house as it rules over our intellect, higher education, children, emotions, feeling, faith in God, past karma which we will get in current life, speculation, fame, betterment, discrimination power etc. We consider fifth house as one of the most auspicious house of the horoscope hence transit of natural malefic planets in fifth house is not considered good. We have to see transit from Moon first if you are born in Karka  rashi. You can also check these results if you are born in Karka lagna as it will effect your lagna also to some extent. First see the predictions from you Moon rashi only. Than check for modifications based on natal Saturn placement in your horoscope. Than check for modifications based on different planets placed in your fifth house in natal horoscope.

Saturn transit in general is inauspicious in 5th house. The above mentioned good results of fifth house will be experienced to lesser intensity and for those under bad dasa bhukti, these results may even destroy and one may experience negative results. 

Saturn transit in 5th house gives concern related to children as they may face some health problems and obstructions in higher education and success in competition. If females are pregnant, there will be some risk in safer pregnancy but not to the extent of loss of child especially if you are due before middle of the year. Saturn transit is not so bad till middle of the year. 

Children may not perform well in their education and suffer from obstacles and may not score marks as expected. The discrimination power may reduce. The project and plans in career may not yield desired results. One may face minor accident and chronic problems may ask for medical intervention for change of medicines and medicine dosage may also increase. Saved money may be lost for family. Promotions and increment in this year may be delayed for some or the other reasons beyond control but in first half of the year, things may somehow run through. There will be loss of one of the important friend or well wisher at work place. There may be short term separation from family members. If you were ever involved in some special religious or occult activities, you desires will be strongly active in this transit. People involved in quick trading or related earning methods will do blunders of their life and loose all previously earned money. Remain cautious. Any love relationship tried to convert into marriage may give bad results. You may part with one or two old friends and look forward to new relationships. You may also get opportunity to meet one of your old school or college friend. There will be tendency to have relationship outside wedlock and even widows are not excluded. One of your child may face some allegation or may bring bad name for the family from you will quickly recover and protect the family to keep things behind curtains. If you will insist too much for promotion or betterment, you may get relocation to unwanted place where problems may increase. Avoid fault finding in your friends and family members else every one will start avoiding you.The above mentioned all results will not be experienced by all natives as their individual horoscope and dasa bhukti have great importance. We have tried to resolve this issue and modify predictions further for your own horoscope to some extent.

All the above mentioned results of Saturn are general and its intensity will decrease or increase as per placement of natal Saturn in your own horoscope. Let us understand how this Saturn will modify results with respect to your own horoscope. We are giving this personal transit result for the first time in history of Astrology. Other Astrologers reading this post should not copy as it is copyright material.

If your natal Saturn is placed in your lagna or along with Moon in Karka rashi in your natal horoscope, this transit of Saturn will give lesser malefic results and you will experience positive results also. You can expect relocation but not to unwanted place rather betterment. Your seniors of head office will recommend your promotion but this betterment will be very challenging. Your children may face some obstacles in studies but will perform well.  You will see one of your child behaving as adamant as you were in your early ages. Your secretive plans may not give desired success as this is the time when your opponents are looking for opportunity to harm you.

If your natal Saturn is placed in second house from Lagna or Moon, this transit of Saturn will bring new challenges in life. There will be more difficulties in personal and family life and there will be shortage of funds. People may even refuse to return your own wealth and any efforts for loans will also give problems. You will be asked to shoulder some responsibility which other people will refuse to take. There may be some untoward event in the family and home. There will be chances of deception. Your spouse will experience negative results for her self and her family and they may face poverty or loss of important member of family may take place in their family. Your efforts for ancestral wealth may give some success after struggle. Do not lend money as it will not be recovered. Do not borrow excess money as you will not be able to replay.

If your natal Saturn is placed in third house, this transit of Saturn will give good results also for your self. You may loose happiness on account of one of the sibling. You can expect change of place and many travels which will benefit you. Property related matters will give positive results. One of your sibling or colleague will turn inimical and thereby suffer failure but you may not be affected.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fourth house, this transit of Saturn will give ordinary results. You will face obstacles in regards to your own family. There will be minor losses and short term separation from family.

If your natal Saturn is placed in fifth house, this transit of Saturn is even more challenging for you as you will have to accept some low responsibilities and difficult challenges. Any efforts for new ventures or even old ventures will give poor results with financial loss due to wrong decisions. There will be even serious concerns for children and family. This transit is bad for you. Its good time to look for detailed predictions

If your natal Saturn is placed in 6th house, you can expect some positive results also. Some of your enemies will come forward and try to generate friendship with you. This is not bad time to forgive them but at the same time, their intentions are not positive internally hence you will have to remain very careful and do not blindly trust them. One of your bitter enemy will prosper and reach new heights. Overall, this transit for you is not bad.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 7th house, than good news for you is that you will not get bad results as mentioned above rather there will be circumstances which will appear bad but it will finally prove to your betterment. There may be some adamant behavior from spouse or partners and you will have to accept their directions. But it will be good for you if you listen to their plans and goals else it may prove harmful for you only. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 8th house, than your children will do good in some competitive examination or some research related work, after lot of mental tensions and troubles. You will experience mix results in trading and speculation and ancestral wealth will be recovered. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 9th house, there will be increase in spiritualism in the family. You will be able to make another property for yourself or recover ancestral property.

If your natal Saturn is placed in 10th house, this is very bad transit for wealth and career as you may loose your job or face sudden loss of wealth due to wrong decisions and punishment from seniors. There is possibility of defame. You have to be very careful in all decisions as you may experience bad results from family also. Go for detailed horoscope reading before its too late.
If your natal Saturn is placed in eleventh house, this transit of Saturn will give almost same results as mentioned at the top of the post with little positive feelings as there will be lesser evil. Try to control your speculative tendencies. 

If your natal Saturn is placed in 12th house, this is transit is mix bag for you as you may loose important friends but gain on financial account despite there will be less liquid money. If looking for marriage, your spouse may come from very ordinary family. One of your child may be separated from you.

Above predictions are purely related to your own horoscope with respect to position of Saturn in your own horoscope. Check them from Moon as well lagna.  Read general as well additional predictions for your horoscope.

Now let us see further modifications based on different placement of planet in your 5th house. 

If you have Sun placed in 5th house in your natal chart, this transit will make you put more efforts to generate more money. You will accept difficult responsibility rather you will have to accept the same. There may be some quarrels at workplace or minor accident at home. There will be low feelings on account of ordinary health and less cash in hand. Some important family member will pass away or suffer from bad health. Whole family may suffer from some kind of rejection from social circle. We see concern for one of your child especially male child as he will face many difficulties in this period and success will come after lot of hard work. Try to retain as much money with you and reduce expenses.

If Mars is placed in 5th house in natal horoscope, this transit will allow you to recover some  wealth or property but there will be dispute among siblings or seniors. One of your friend or relative will face serious obstacle but will emerge winner. One of your child may go to distant place for higher education. You may become some what cruel and may even attempt to harm one of your friend. Keeping cordial relations with relatives and siblings is the key here. We do not consider this transit very favorable despite you will gain some wealth and property as this transit will give lot of mental worries.

If Mercury is placed in 5th house in your natal horoscope, this transit is very bad for one of your child and your important friend or relative. There will be separation from them. Your sister or daughter may also face some hurdles in her life but later recover from problems. You will get support from others to handle your enemies tactfully. You will get good results on wealth aspect but minor health problems may trouble. Property dispute may be resolved. 

If Jupiter is placed in your 5th house in natal horoscope, it indicates concerns related to child especially first male child. But there will be some betterment in job and career. You will continue to do good in your job despite of problems. Health problems to elder males of family is indicated. 

If Venus is placed in 5th house in your natal horoscope, you will experience good results. There will be interaction with some female and this interaction will convert into close relationship. Income will increase. There will be gain through some investment also. 

If Rahu is placed in your 5th house in natal horoscope, this transit will suddenly induce new ideas and thoughts for new ventures and to try something new in old ventures but there will be risk of loss. One of your child will certainly go away from you to some distant land for betterment. All your secret plans will give you problems in quick success. Your spouse and her family will suffer. 

If Ketu is placed in your 5th house in natal horoscope, this transit will start with malefic results. As the time progress, these difficulties will increase and there will be unresolved problems at workplace. Your goals and objectives will get stuck with little success. You will also experience problems on account of family and children. Health for one of elder male person in family will be of serious concern. There will be troubles on account of some dispute or litigation. You may take wrong decisions especially if your dasa bhukti is bad. Go for detailed horoscope reading.

This time when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask for  past predictions of current life also along with future predictions to test your Astrologer. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer