Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 2nd house

Mars in second house is auspicious in general despite its natural malefic. Mars in second house gets native wealth from spouse and in laws. Mars in second house ensures that his family chain will continue especially if he looks after others.

Native himself may be elder sibling in family and if not, he will have to behave like eldest in the family. If he refuses to behave like elder in the family, he himself will suffer in life. He will never be able to save any wealth for himself or own family.

After marriage, his in laws family will prosper in general.

The condition for Mars to give benefic results as per  Lal Kitab is that Mercury should not connect to this Mars as per Lal Kitab rules.

If Mars is malefic in second house as per Lal Kitab rules, native will suffer miserably in life or may die in some accident or fight or gun shot. Do you know horoscopes of ex prime ministers of India? If yes, you know what we are writing here

Lal Kitab suggests that one should be caring in nature and should not refuse others for help else this Mars can give malefic results. There is no other remedy mentioned in Lal Kitab for Mars in second house.

If you have Mars in second house and having some problems in regards to wealth and savings, please ask for spiritual remedies for immediate relief.

S Kuber RA

Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer