Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 3rd House

Mars is significator of third house and its placement in third is auspicious especially for others unless Mars is malefic in horoscope. If you remember about Lord Hanuman, he lost his memory about his extreme powers due to curse of a saint and His Mars is also placed in third house and exalted. Native may not be aware about his inner strength and bravery. But once native experiences some difficult situation in life he will immediately realize about his inner power. Native will have siblings.

If Mars is benefic for the native, it will act like blessings of Lord Shiva like Lord Hanuman saved Lord Rama from extreme difficult situations. If native also live in a house Lion like like broad from front and narrow from back, native will be brave like a Lion as well intelligent. The important suggested remedy for all the natives having Mars in third house is that he should use his power for the benefit of others and should never show unnecessary aggression. We mean he should keep coll and clam in general routine life. If he does that, Mars will prove more benefic and native will keep on progressing in his life.

Mars placed in third house if benefic as per Lal Kitab rules promotes longevity up to 90 years. Native will marry to some rich family and if he marries to ordinary family, his in laws will become richer and richer after marriage. Native will also get good share of wealth through spouse from in-laws. 

The best benefic part of benefic Mars in third house is that native can not tolerate cruelty on others especially ordinary people through some powerful people. 

If Jupiter, Sun and Moon are placed in 7 - 9 - 11 houses, Rahu will not give bad results and native will lead happy married life. 

If Jupiter is placed in 9th house, it almost guarantee rich in - laws as mentioned above. 

If Saturn is placed in 9th house, native will always be protected from diseases, death like situations in life. He will have properties, wealth and happiness because now Saturn will also give good results.

If Mars is malefic in third house as per Lal Kitab rules, native will be cunning and cheat. If will be fond of food and drinks and will believe that there is no surety that one will be alive tommorrow. He may be poor but will be addicted to vices. He may not loose on longevity part but if he will unnecessary show his aggression or misuse his aggression, he may suffer from diseases in later life and may die under very difficult health conditions and debts. He may have small head, fat tummy and blood related disorders. His male child may also suffer on this account. 

If Jupiter is placed in 11th house with this malefic Mars in third, native may face sorrow on account of death of  relatives. 

If Sun, Jupiter, Moon are placed in 7 - 9 - 11 houses with malefic Mars in third house, native will do act which will be self harming but he will continue to get help from in-laws. 

When Mercury or Saturn is placed in 3 - 11 - 9 houses OR Mercury + Saturn in 3 - 7 houses,  there will be financial problems in family but native and his family will keep getting help from others or native may himself support his family. Saturn in 11th protects native from any early death due to natural calamities.

It will be auspicious to associate in some work related to ivory.

The bottom line of Mars in third house is that if benefic, it is very auspicious for others and for native prosperity, properties and benefit through in-laws but if malefic he will be poor and addicted to vices. But longevity is not affected except health problems and debts in later life.

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer