2016 Mithuna Rashi Horoscope Predictions

Career and Wealth

Saturn and Mars will transit in your 6th house for most part of the year and Jupiter will transit in 4th house in second half which is auspicious. This is wonderful year for you as your confidence will multiple and you will stand upfront like a lion to crush your opponents and enemies. But do not think that you will find it cake walk as you are going to face very tough opposition in this year before you finally win the situation. You may at times behave arrogant and egoistic and be brutal for you need to control your self. Second half of the year is further auspicious in career hence this year you will overall enjoy success in career and fulfillment of desires. You may not interested in change of job but people will offer you jobs at higher salary seeing your performance and winning attitude. Do not be cruel to subordinates and employees and try to work as a team. There will be times when you will feel upset as despite of everything going in your favor, things may be put on hold. Do not worry and just consistently follow up things as all plans of your opponents will be blown off and you will defeat them convincingly. Enjoy the year 2016 with word of caution that please remember human values. This is a good year for new purchases like vehicle or property or any new equipment for office


No serious worries are there for young people but if middle age or above people are having any chronic issues, this year may be a year of serious medical attention. You may have to take help of surgical intervention which should be planned for choosing right time else you may have to face repeated surgery. The bottom line is recovery from illness or old disease and word of caution is choosing right time for medical intervention depending on your own dasa periods. You may face minor accident in which some damage is possible only to vehicle and you will remain completely safe.

Love, Marital and Family 

This year on side you may defeat your enemies and on other side make new friends. People jealous about you will have only one direction to lead and that is their failure. Some of these new friends will become friends just to take advantage of your strong position and not as actual friends.Love affairs will be successful and any triangle relationships will end in your favor.     


Students will perform well in education and will be emerge winner in difficult competitions but the warning is to refrain from union activities and other fruitless work and focus on studies.  This year is especially good for students appearing for competition in medical, engineering, law etc. Students completing education and looking for jobs will be get through the most difficult stages of interview defeating hundreds of other applicants. 

This year when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask your astrologer to tell you some of your past events of current life along with future predictions. Test your astrologer.

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer