2016 Vrishabha Rashi Horoscope Predictions

Career and Wealth 

This is the year of focus on partnerships for self employed. On one side there will be some serious issues with existing partners and on the other side, you will look forward to add new partnerships. Your partner may try to dominate the situation which you may not eventually like. People involved in some technical field may look for expansion in work. Service class people may face some obstacles in smooth career going but you will be able to handle situation tactfully. You will get the praise for handling the most difficult situation at work place which no one else could handle better than you. Avoid over aggression and control things with cool and smarter means. Some property related issue may take a violent turn. If you were thinking of some renovation or expansion of living place, you can do it for sure with word of caution that handle your contractor carefully in all financial transactions. Your image this year will be of a person who can bravely handle things at work place and is interested to crush his opponents. But such image may eventually harm prospects for success at work place and you may face strong opposition and jealousy of colleagues. Please remember that these people in coming years may prove to be harmful for your career. Second half of the year is fruitful for betterment in career. April, May and June are more troublesome.


Overall it is good year for health except from April to August. Take special care in this period while travel and travel abroad. 

Love, Marital  and Family

Year 2016 is such a year for married people that you would like forget it as soon as possible if you were facing some problems in marital life. If you are living happy married life, this is the year to enjoy the maximum with spouse for personal moments. The health of the spouse may be concern and will cause extra medical expenses. If you face some fresh issue with spouse, try to handle it with cool and calm mind else it can become bigger issue. You can plan for the second child in this year.  Love relationship will be good in this year.


A good year for students especially second half of the year as you will perform well in your studies. There will be opportunity to get hold of some good job. Betterment in career is possible in second half of the year.  

This year when you ask for your personal horoscope predictions, ask your astrologer to tell you some of your past events of current life along with future predictions. Test your astrologer. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer