Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 4th house

Lal Kitab considers placement of Mars in IV house as highly malefic as Mars is debilitated in this house. But malefic Mars will cease to give bad results  

If  Sun - Moon - Jupiter offer supports to this Mars as per LK rules. For example, if Moon is ill placed in houses other than 1-4-7-10 houses OR Sun is placed in 6th house OR Sun-Moon-Jupiter are placed in 3-4-8-9 houses; Mars does not give results like Mars malefic. 

OR two malefic or inimical planets as per LK are together 

Generally, Sun extends good supports to Mars so Mars may give good results. But Sun will not be able to support Mars under  following conditions 

1) When Mars is placed in 1/8 houses without Sun 
2) When Sun is placed in 7-10-12 houses and alone
3)  When Sun is placed in 5-9 houses with Ketu
4) When Sun is placed in 6/12 houses with Rahu
5) When Sun is placed in 7th house with Venus
6) When Sun is placed in 10th house with Saturn
7) When Sun is placed in 12th house with Mercury

LK mentions very bad results for malefic Mars. For example, LK says to light up a stove, we generally use wooden logs in ancient times but malefic Mars is so dangerous a planets that instead of using dry wood logs, malefic Mars will choose the most important person of the family on whom whole family may be dependent. Malefic Mars will cut the body of that most important person in pieces and use it in place of wood to light up the stove. That kind of malefic results are expected from malefic Mars. In short, it means that this malefic Mars will kill the most important person of the family who was running whole family and financially contributing. Person with malefic Mars generally takes birth in the family which had a pious and divine person in the family may be 1 or 2 generations back. Due to blessings of divine, family was doing well and now he takes birth to destroy everything. Native with malefic Mars do not take birth in the family who was already suffering. 

To recognize this person - he will be of rigid, arrogant and bitter nature; addicted to vices and fool. He will spend almost whole life as ordinary employee or like a servant or slave. He will be fond of advising others but  will not follow the same himself. He will openly criticize others and gets defame. He may loose his one eye or may remain deprived of male child. He will have evil eye. He will carry such negative fire that it can dry up even the water used to extinguish that fire. LK says malefic Mars is like a fire which can dry up the sea water. After his birth, there will be health and longevity problems for females equal to mother, maternal grand mother, mother in law, spouse etc. Even his elder brother or sister in law (spouse of elder brother) will suffer. All previously saved wealth will destroy.

If you have malefic Mars and you have observed above results, it is advised not to live in a house having 8/18/13/3 corners OR having basement OR house constructed over well. South facing house will also give bad results. While moving out of the house, if there is place of fire in the right and place of water in the left; it will be evil. If there is shadow of tree on the house OR there is pipal tree OR kikar or beri tree is placed inside the compound it will add to evil. One should not live in a house very close to place of fire or cremation ground. One should not buy house from person who is childless. One should not live in a house which is at the end of the road and facing road. 

Important remedy to protect oneself from its evil results are to offer milk with added jaggery at banyan tree roots. It is very difficult to deal with malefic Mars hence one should get the expert advice for such sensitive planets instead of doing remedies by oneself. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya 
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Lal Kitab Astro Vastu Expert