Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 5th House

Mars in 5th house is auspicious to become rich and wealthy. Even if native himself is not so rich, his children and grand children will be rich and he will be a rich grand parent if horoscope promises long life. One should never sell off his parental / ancestral house. Living with parents in parental house will prove auspicious. Unnecessary love affairs will spoil all the good results of Mars in 5th house.

If there are planets especially inimical to Mars in 10th house, it can give insomnia and sleep disorders. When Mars is placed in 5th house, other planets are scared like animals are scared of lion in jungle. There is shift of aspect for other planets which is beyond the scope of the article to explain. Still, if we take some examples, planets placed in third house will come under control of Mars and will support Mars like the tail of Hanuman and planets placed in 9th house will get support of Mars despite they may be inimical to Mars. Native will gain wealth as he grows older as his children and grand children will keep becoming rich. But the problem is to beget children at initial stages. There will be some connection of family members or self with medicines.

If Moon is placed in 8th house, it will be auspicious to donate milk especially during Shradha days.

When there is a planet in ninth house and more so friendly to Mars and 10th house is vacant, we can expect good results from Mars. Generally Vedic Astrologers predict abortions for Mars in 5th house as they fail to appreciate modified results of Mars in 5th house. We have many examples of Mars in 5th house and even exalted Mars (as 8th lord) in 5th house with native becoming rich n rich as growing older with male progeny as first progeny also. This can not be explained with Vedic rules but LK  explains so nicely and beuatifully provided one understands the basic rules of LK of first few chapters.

Mars in 5th house if proves to be malefic as per LK rules, it will give its bad results during night time. Its bad results will reflect on maternal family and on first male child. There will be fear from fire. The progeny will have risk of health and longevity during his 8th month / 8th year / 18th year etc. There may be frequent travel for the native. Love affairs will spoil all the good results. It is strongly suggested to stay in parental house only and keep water bed side during night.

Mars in 5th house can give extremely good as well extremely bad results depending on placement of other planets in the horoscope. Inimical planets in 9/10 houses are more dangerous.

S Kuber RA
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer