Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 6th house

Mars in 6th house makes the person lover of justice and gives extra ordinary courage to fight single handed and rise in life. He will be protector of others. Mars in 6th house gives extra powers to Sun so Sun gives results equal to exaltation position. He may be interested in making friends, writing work and some musical instruments. He may be skilled in some work and have good oratory powers. His writings will make long lasting impression in public. He will possess good moral character. Rahu placed in 12th house will remain under control but Ketu may give bad results. Native will work hard and grow in life and his brothers will also grow along with. For benefit of the own family and protection from enemies, it is highly desired to worship small girls and help brothers. His mother should also worship small girls. Mars can give excellent results when Venus is well placed in the horoscope or 7th house is well fortified without affliction or 7th house has Saturn / Mercury / Ketu. There will no concerns related to male progeny when Jupiter - Sun - Mercury are well placed in chart.    

When Mars is malefic in 6th house it can give adverse results to the native. There will be concerns for begetting male progeny up to early thirties. If native celebrates birth of son, it will give malefic results to the progeny hence should be avoided. After birth of male child, instead of distributing sweets, one should distribute only salted eatables and completely avoid any pump and show. One should not put gold on the body of the male child. Brothers of the native should keep serving the native born with Mars in 6th house else they will suffer in life and face sudden downfall in career and huge loss. A bad Mars in 6th house can give problems to maternal family, fortune of spouse, sister and aunt and own mother. If Mercury is placed in 12th house, native will have less happiness on account of siblings and will suffer from deep sorrow. Mercury in 4th house can give problems in longevity for native himself first followed by mother. 

A male child born on Tuesday may survive long and daughter born on Saturday or Wednesday may survive. For others, there will be some concerns hence remedies are desired.

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya 
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