Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 8th house

Mars is 8th house is not auspicious in general. If there is no planet in 2nd house or if there is a planet in second house which is Jupiter or Moon, we can expect some good results of this Mars in 8th house. Mars in 8th house is considered as Mars malefic and as per LK terminology it is called as मंगल बद.   If Moon is placed in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th or 9th house, Mars does not give bad results of its placement in 8th house. 

Generally, Mercury alone in this house is very bad against common belief of Vedic Astrology. Mars alone is also bad. But Mercury and Mars together in this house are not bad as long as native keeps some dark room in his house. Mars in 8th house is a very sensitive planet and can start giving its bad results suddenly after native performs some activities related to Mars malefic or Mercury. For example, establishing Mud - Tandoor at house can activate bad results of this Mars and there will sudden fire and loss. 

If Mercury is very powerful in the horoscope and Moon and Sun are weak, one can expect very bad results of Mars placed in 8th house. Judge the strength of the planet as per LK rules and not as per Vedic principles. Mars in 8th house give strong sexual powers and extra courage to handle any difficult conditions in life. Native will not give up in any difficult condition irrespective of the final outcome. Mars in 8th house is known to give its bad results for blood relatives and family members like brother, uncle etc.

Mars placement in 8th house generally delays birth of male siblings by 4 or 8 years. If horoscope has other bad yogas related to loss of happiness on account of sibling, one can expect no male sibling or male sibling may be born after 13/15 years. It will be good if native gets no siblings up to 8 years of his age. 

To keep away malefic results of Mars in 8th house, one should not form any close relations with widow and more important is not to hurt or harm any widow as it will destroy the native. Why? If you appreciate LK basic rules, you will easily understand the same. For this reason, we always recommend our students to understand LK concepts and its basic rules before jumping into remedies. If you understand LK deeply, you will learn this secret that LK is not all about flowing something in water or burying something at deserted place or doing some remedy for 43 days. LK is more about understanding how to handle your malefic planets by not doing so and so activity. And also, how to keep your benefic planets good by doing and not doing so and so activity. We always focus each posting about informing our valued readers to appreciate this fact. There is no other website in the world which posts such valuable secrets. Most sites are just copy and past of remedies only. 

Mars malefic in this house can give lot of health problems for family members. To remove this evil, it will be auspicious to feed oven cooked (tandoor) sweet loves to dogs.

If Mercury is found in 6th house at the time of Mars in 8th house, it gives adverse results to longevity of mother. Mother may face severe health problems or may expire in childhood itself. We can expect this Mars to give adverse results for native also when neither of Jupiter / Sun / Moon is placed in 1/3/4/8 houses. 

Mars in 8th house is very sensitive planet to handle henceforth we suggest to avoid doing self remedies. For that matter, any planet in 8th house is sensitive to handle. It will be auspicious to take advice for planets placed in 3/6/8/12 houses. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Lal Kitab Astro - Vastu Consultant