Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 9th house

Mars in 9th house is in general auspicious placement. Mars here gives good results if native keeps good terms with brothers and their wives. We can consider native and his brother as pair of two lions who will be difficult to be defeated. Alone and fighting with brother, will destroy good results. Native will never beg for money despite he may face difficult conditions in life. Number of brothers may be same as number of paternal uncles including Father. 

3/5 houses will also give excellent results. If Moon or Venus are connected to Mars as per LK rules, both will also give very good results. Sun even if not well placed in chart will give results like exaltation status. 

Parents of the native will prosper after 13 years of age and native himself will prosper after 28 years of age. If horoscope belongs to native whose parents are in authority or holding some power equal to king or senior political leadership; native will get hold of the power seat after 28 years in life especially when there is promise in the horoscope to reach good position. He could even overtake his other elders to occupy this seat.

If this Mars is malefic as per LK rules, it can give adverse results to the extent that native may loose his self respect and manage life as dependent on others. LK states that if we compare this Mars with a Lion; this lion will have to beg for flesh from Jackal. If Mercury is ill placed in chart as per LK rules, Mars is unable to give its good results. Cotton red color will be auspicious for the native. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
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