Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 10th House

Mars in 10th house is auspicious due to exaltation house of Mars. Mars will give best results when Mars is alone in 10th house and not joined by inimical planets and not connected to other planets as per LK rules. Mars in 10th house is like a king. After birth of the native, his family will become richer. He himself will also earn good money in his life. The results of this Mars will also depend on good or bad placement of Saturn in the horoscope. One of his elder brother will prove to be auspicious for him for wealth and career. He will enjoy long life up to 96 years, good health, wealth, family happiness and courage.

If Moon is also placed in 4th house, it boosts good results of Mars by way of increasing wealth and family happiness. 

If Saturn is conjunct Mars, native will be very smart, clever and as sharp as leopard. He will be very difficult to defeat.  

Saturn placement in 3rd house is acceptable for property and wealth but inauspicious for liquid money. 

Other planets like Sun, Jupiter or Moon in 3rd house or even 3/6 houses give bad results as it deprives the native from good results of Mars for wealth and property, family, male child, parents etc. 

When Sun is placed in 4th house and Moon is placed in 6th house and native starts living in maternal family, it will give eye defect or even loss of an eye. 

Second house if occupied by Venus / Moon / Rahu / Ketu / Saturn, it gives long delay in progeny. 

Mars if proved to be malefic due to above reasons, one can expect death in family around 22 year; health problems till 15 years and job in 28 year.

Any planet placed in 5th house can give adverse results for people who will come in his contact.

Saturn in 4th house can cause false allegations like allegation of some theft or manipulation which may also result in imprisonment depending upon overall horoscope.  

One should not sell gold of the family as it can lead to more adverse results of malefic Mars by way of problems to children and family. This is especially applicable for Sun in 6th house. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
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