Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 11 th house

Mars in 11th house makes the native courageous & bold. Native will remain faithful and be under control of an elder male of his family. He will dislike alcohol and non vegetarian food. Native can expect this Mars to give excellent results for wealth and property when Jupiter is also well placed in the horoscope. Even well placed Mercury and Saturn will also boost good results of this Mars provided third house reflects positive energy and is not occupied by inimical planet like Mercury. 

If native starts looking after three dogs* of this world, he can again expect excellent results from this Mars.   

*person living in sister's or father-in-law or maternal uncle's house 

From 13 years of age, his parents will become rich and acquire property and wealth. 24th year brings great happiness in life and by 28 years, native will acquire his own property. Native will have government job or there will be gains through government. Native will have as many brothers as per placement of Jupiter in different house from 1 to 10th house. If Jupiter is placed in 11th house, native will have two brothers and if Jupiter is placed in 12th house he will be single brother of his sisters. 

If Mars is ill placed in 11th house due to bad third house or Mars is malefic as per LK rules, native will remain under debts despite of good income. There will be little happiness on account of parents especially father. He will not prosper until all parental wealth is sold. There will be serious concerns related to own male child and maternal uncle and native will suffer on this account. These problems can be expected in full gravity around the age of 42 / 45 / 48 years. His own brothers will be of no use to him but native can reduce its ill effects by serving three dogs of this world as mentioned above. Serving dogs will also reduce bad effects of malefic Mars. Keeping honey filled pot at home will be auspicious. 

We should remember basic rule of Astrology that malefic in 11th house gives good results unless they are spoiled by inimical planets or due to own bad placement. As per Vedic Astrology system, all planets in 11th house give good results but in practice it is observed through hundreds of horoscope that natural benefic in 11th house are not good for wealth  and also not promoting longevity. Whereas malefic in 3/6/11 houses promote longevity, wealth, courage and gives strong will power to achieve even impossible in life. 

Sometimes students get confused by placement and strength of planets in 3/6/11 houses and lords of these houses. Please remember basic rule of Vedic Astrology that benefic planets in Kendra are very good and bad as Kendra lords and malefic are bad in Kendra and good as Kendra lords. Lal Kitab alone can not make you good predictive astrologer and Vedic Astrology alone can not make you good remedial astrologer hence we should learn both techniques and use them carefully without intermixing their rules to judge a horoscope. 

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
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