Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars in 12th house

Mars in 12th house is in general auspicious for happiness in life. Native will not suffer from any sleep disorders. Malefic (Rahu, Ketu and Saturn) will not be able to give bad results. Native may be born in rich or ordinary family but he would live happily. Native may have hot temperament but he will give due respect to male elders like brother or Father or Guru. He will prosper after birth of male child and in 24 - 28 years.

If Jupiter is placed in 2nd house, both planets will join to give more good results and malefic planets will further loose power to give any bad results. 

If Sun is placed in 3/11 houses, native will get great protection from any illness or death like situations provided planet placed in 11th house is not inimical to planet in 8th house. 

Mercury gives bad results when placed in 3/8/9/12 houses. Mercury in 4th house is not good for longevity. If Mercury is placed in 4/8 houses and not connected to Moon or Sun as per LK rules, Mars will give adverse results for longevity of native in childhood itself followed by life threat for mother. 

If Mars is malefic in horoscope, it can give serious adverse results. This Mars can give breathing problems, marital discord, male child related concerns, secret activities of enemies, heavy expenses, disease, no property and lack of basic household items. Native will take foolish decisions in life and will face huge loss and may lose his spouse. He may suffer on account of eyes and may loose eye sight. He may not have brother or if have, he may have maximum two elder brothers but both will die before he reaches 28 years. If brothers manage to survive, they will suffer on other accounts like wealth and male progeny. All above bad results are applicable especially for male horoscope. If its' female horoscope, bad results will be faced by her brother. To remove this evil, her brother should wear red or yellow or Khaki (police uniform color) turban or cap and female may wear similar scarf. Her brother should offer milk to female native and he should keep rice in silver vessel with him. 

If there are two or more planets in third house, bad effects of malefic Mars on brothers will be surely seen before 28 years but bad results may not effect brother who has Mars in 10th house. In this case, one can expect bad results for native himself.
To ward off bad results of malefic Mars

1) Offer free sweets to other. Native can himself eat sweets or sweet bread.
2) Offering Jala to Surya after adding little jaggery
3) Feed sweet biscuits / bread to dogs
4) Offer milk with added honey or jaggery to people / saints
5) Visit temple and offer sweets to deity. If Saturn is placed in 2nd house, offer batashe (white - round sugar sweet)

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Lal Kitab Astro - Vastu Consultant