Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn in 3rd house

Saturn placed in 3rd house as natural malefic is good placement in Vedic Astrology and we have observed through hundreds of horoscopes that Saturn gives good results for longevity and education when placed in third house. Native may have many subordinates and servants. 

Lal Kitab states that Saturn in 3rd house directly influences 9/11 houses and indirectly influences 5th house. Saturn here placed is inauspicious for accumulation of wealth and gives poor savings but auspicious for property investment. 

We have seen that people are generally interested in performing remedies but not interested in taking important suggestions from Astrologer. For example if you perform remedies written below for Saturn in third house and not take simple suggestions written in this post; remedies will not work. Hence we strongly suggest to try to adjust with promise of the planet and horoscope and than try for remedies to get best results. So, native should not keep more liquid money at home or in bank and should keep it invested in property. Native should try to quit habit of daily use of alcohol, etc. Sometimes, it is more important to know what to do rather than just doing remedies. Remedies do not work if we do not try to do even small changes in life.  Initiative has to be taken from our end first.

Saturn in 3rd house reduces number of males in the family. Saturn in 3rd house gives mostly malefic results when native gets addicted to alcohol. If native has any interest in becoming a doctor, he should certainly go ahead to get post graduation in Ophthalmology. If Mars is malefic in horoscope, native himself will not get its bad results rather unknown people will come for his help and native's own known people / relatives will have sufferings.  

To ward off evils of Saturn in third house and get mostly benefic results for wealth;

1) It will be auspicious to keep pet dog at home and no property should be constructed or purchased without dog at home. If Ketu is conjunct Saturn or placed in permanent house of Saturn, i.e. 10th house, no dog would be required. 

2) Donating medicines for eye diseases will also help reduce its evil effects. 

3) Native should not stay in south or east facing house.

4) Keep a dark room in the house where no Sunlight enters. If there is already a dark room, never make any arrangement for Sun light in that room else it can give serious troubles in first year to third neighbor and to self in 3rd year. This remedy is seriously applicable if inimical planet is placed in 9th house. 

5) Do not make arrangement for underground water at home.

6) There should be no stone (like marble slab etc) either fixed in ground in standing position or just placed unused at home.  Even such stone at neighbor's place can give bad results to the native having Saturn in third house. Here, we are not saying that we can not do marble or stone flooring. We mean a standing fixed stone or unused standing stones at home.

7) One should never keep any unused door, especially doorpost at home and strictly at roof top.

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
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