Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn in 4th House

Saturn in 4th house is not considered auspicious in general. Native is generally separated from parents excepting if Moon is placed in 2/3 houses. Native may fall in love with some female and faces separation from his love partner also. Native is unable to forget past memories and for this reason remains in depression. Generally, doctors recommend any native to take milk and milk products for betterment in health but for native with well placed Saturn in 4th house, food items related to Saturn will bless good health. Labor class people will be helpful for the native. 

Have you seen some people on You tube and in some TV channels who let snakes bite them and nothing happens. Check their horoscope for well placed Saturn in 4th house. Even poison does not effect them because it gives some hidden help for body strength.

Native may have some expertise in medicines especially antidote for poison and snake bites. Native may have some kind of fear for snakes and this will be due to an incident happened in child when he might have seen snakes coming out from home. Native should avoid use of alcohol, should not sell snake related items, connections with ill repute woman and taking important decisions related to property at night. One should avoid use of milk after Sun set.

If Jupiter is placed in 3rd house, native will be crooked and will usurp wealth of others and make properties. 

If Moon is placed in 10th house, it can give adverse results to mother and maternal family and to oneself also through widow or similar females. There will be fear from water. Property may be lost and native will be enforced to live on rental houses.

Native should consult before making any property in his own name else it can give bad results for mother, grand mother, mother-in-law and maternal uncles.   

Remedies and suggestions

1) Avoid use of milk after Sun set. One can use milk products
2) Serve fishes OR buffalo OR milk-feed to snakes if possible OR crows OR labor class people
3) Do not keep illicit relations especially with widows
4) Consult before making any property in your name

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Astro-Vastu Consultant