India Pakistan War Predictions

I had tried to explore possible outcomes of the tensions between India & Pakistan beyond 2017 to 2030 which indicates two wars India may have to face; first in 2020 and second around 2030. After the analysis, I was less concerned about the expected war in 2020 but 2030 war raises eyebrows as it indicates loss of uncountable invaluable lives of soldiers and countrymen.  The latter war seems to cause high intensity damage to India, very difficult to calculate mathematically through Astrology principles.    

We have given detailed article below with in depth astrological analysis. You can view brief video in You tube also: 

India Independence Horoscope (This horoscope is as per Vedic System and not KP)
DOB: 15 August 1947
TOB: 00:00:01 hours
POB: Delhi

India - Pakistan clashes have become routine life for both countries causing mental agony to us due to tensions at border and loss of invaluable lives of our soldiers. Currently, it has caused serious problems to people living near border areas. The surgical strike of 29 September 2016 by Indian Army (which was long desired and inevitable) led to destruction of terrorist launch pads at POK terrorist camps. This has brought happiness among Indian Army and Indian people and was welcomed by all and supported by leading countries worldwide except China.

But the bad news is that when we look at the horoscopes of India and Pakistan and transit of planets in next few years, it looks like trigger of more turbulence and more disturbed relations leading to even higher tensions at borders. As we move on to 2017/2018/2019, these tensions look like getting more concentrated to the level that we see inevitable war between India and Pakistan in 2020. Let us appreciate horoscope of India and the most important Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (CSP) Horoscope of important years. I shall also take up possible India - China war around 2030 in latter articles 


India is under Moon dasa since September 2015. Moon is the lord of the third house and placed in third house itself. Moon is connected to all the functional benefic planets involved in Raj yoga hence we expect these ten years of Maha Dasa from September 2015 to September 2025 to give overall auspicious results. India will grow further and become stronger economy despite of ups and downs in economy. We can certainly expect some initial bad results but the bottom line will be auspiciousness. In India horoscope, Moon as lord of third house is placed in third house itself and it remains in third house only in Bhava Sripati, hence we expect maximum results related to third house in its Maha Dasa. Third house is the house of neighbor hence represent our neighbor like Pakistan and China especially due to prevailing tensions. Whenever dasa of a lord runs, we can expect serious output in regards to that house. We mean, our Moon dasa will lead give us border tensions and war and later resolving the border issues to some extent. As Moon is involved with all functional benefic, we can expect the positive outcome at the end. But we should not forget that Moon is 3rd lord and also involved with natural malefic planets Saturn and Sun and a functional malefic Venus due to its 6th lord ship. Moon is placed in 6th house in Navamsa in R/K axis. Jupiter in kendra from Moon both in rasi and Navamsa chart force us to carry lot of positivity about Moon dasa.

We started Moon - Mars dasa since July 2016 and it will operate up to February 2017. Saturn and Mars both transited together for long time at 7th house of India horoscope supporting malefic dasa periods. Mars is the lord of 7th house of war as well 12th lord of conspiracy and placed in second house in Mithuna Rasi, Ardra Nakshatra and Dhanu Navamsa. See the degree of Mars and lagna. See its conjunction with Gulika. Going by basic principles of Vedic Astrology, Mars is aspected by Jupiter which would have restricted decisions like surgical strike, and so much mental agony for people of our country after demonetization, but we all know it happened. Actual effective special 9th aspect of Jupiter by Shadbala principles is towards Moon, Saturn and Venus and not Mars. This micro level analysis if ignored can result in wrong predictions.

Mars is placed in 12th house from Moon (as well Maha Dasa lord) and aspects 3/7 houses. Mars is also lord of 4th house from Moon in Navamsa so Mars gains further maleficence. Mars being placed in Dhanu rasi in Navamsa adds more to malefic results due to inherent nature of Dhanu rasi and also as this rasi belongs to 8th house of rasi chart. Mars is placed in 10th house in Navamsa so what you can expect from ruling party. Mars in 6th house in D-10 chart in Rahu - Ketu axis further clears the picture about border tensions. If you see other divisional charts like D-8 and D-11, see the placement of Mars there and you will easily reach to final opinion about outcome of this dasa. I do not personally like fixing an event after it appears on the surface. I do not think any Mundane Astrologer could predict so specific event like demonetization before hand but we could certainly predict war like situations, loss of wealth of nation and problems for /from the ruling party.

We are not discussing here all the developments which may occur in coming years due to dasa periods and indications of CSP charts of all coming years. We shall move straight to the period of serious concern i.e. 2020 when CSP chart gives clear indications of war along with approval of transit of Saturn and Rahu.

Moon - Saturn dasa starts from December 2019  and we will be under this dasa up to July 2021. This is the period to be watched very closely. Saturn will enter Makara rasi in January 2020 and will remain in Makara rasi beyond July 2021. Saturn will remain the key planet for us in this period as AD lord and due to its transit in Makara rasi, it becomes a critical period for our Country as per Sage Varahamihira principles of Saturn transit in Makara rasi. Saturn transit in Makara rasi has 3D information. It is Makara rasi so it already carries significance. It is second weak rasi in AV having only 20 points. It is 7th house (house of war) from Moon, Maha Dasa Lord Moon and LL Venus. Saturn aspects 6th house of lagna chart as per Shadbala principles and conjunct close degrees with 6th lord Venus. Many of my Astrologer friends may not agree about this aspect due to unawareness about how to use Shadbala for effective predictions. All learned Astrologers use them but may be, they do not disclose this method publicly. I am doing it for the benefit of students of Astrology.

In transit, Saturn enters Makara on 25 January 2020. This is the beginning of the bad period ahead. Jupiter also enters Makara rasi on 30 March 2020. Mars enters Meena rasi on 19 June 2020 and will aspect Rahu placed in Mithuna. At this stage, despite of serious tensions around, direct war could not be broken out yet. Decisions to attack will be deferred. There will be dramatic turn from 17th August 2020 as Mars moves to Aries and situation will further worsen as Venus moves to Cancer on 1 September 2020; Mars retrogrades on 10 September 2020; and final blow when R/K also change to 2/8 rasi on 21 September 2020 making things going beyond control. By this time, all planets including Jupiter - Saturn double transit had given there approval for war. Direct war may not take place for all mentioned periods but tensions will keep mounting as move ahead in the year leading to serious border tensions and eventually war. I will predict exact dates of war in year 2020 to restrict internet copy-pasting. 

6 October 2020 onward things will settle down a bit. But as move on from 24 December 2020 onward, Mars joins Rahu in Vrishabha on 22 February 2021. Mars and Rahu will remain conjunct until next Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (CSP) 2021 which happens on 13/3/2021, 15:50:55, Delhi. This period is also indicating inauspicious period for the country due to violence and sudden problems. 2021 CSP is also not so auspicious year for the country but it does not indicate any direct war. So concern, in regards to war, for the country exist only during CSP 2020.

In Navamsa chart, MD lord Moon is placed in 6th house in Rahu / Ketu axis. Moon is in close degrees with Ketu who is placed in 7th house in rasi chart and gets conjunct with Ketu in 6th house. Some Astrologers take 5/9 aspect of Ketu and those who do not accept this aspect will still agree that Ketu is placed in close degrees and trine to Moon. 

AD lord Saturn is conjunct 6th lord Venus, very close degrees, and this conjunction is carried in Navamsa chart also. Saturn aspect 6H also as per Shadbala. In Navamsa, MD / AD are in 6/8 position. Saturn placed in 11th house as 11th lord and under aspect of lagna lord Jupiter promises positive outcome of the war for our country.

In Dreshkana chart, AD lord Saturn is conjunct 6th lord Venus in 11th house

In D-12, Moon is 12th lord conjunct Mars and Saturn as 6/7 lord is placed in 8th house from Moon and also aspected by Mars. Moon-Sat in 6/8 axis.

In D-10, Saturn is placed in 7th house as 12th lord and in 6/8 axis with Moon.

In D-8, Moon as 6th lord is in mutual aspect with 7th lord Sun and Saturn is placed in 8th house as LL/ 12L with Mars and aspecting 7th lord Sun. In D-8, Saturn not connected to Venus is great saving grace. As per my research, Venus is one of the most malefic planet in D-8 despite placed in 9H as 9th lord. Venus connection with Jupiter makes it more evil but both planets being natural benefic and not under malefic aspect is great saving grace and evil effects are greatly reduced.

In D-11, Mars is aspecting 6/7 houses from 12th house where Ketu is placed hence inauspicious but Jupiter aspect on 7th house tells you the outcome of Moon-Mars dasa periods. Saturn is placed in 4th house, aspecting 6th house and 3L Moon. It is placed in 7H from Moon.

In D-60, Moon is placed in 7th house as 12th lord and aspected by Mars. Saturn is 7th lord itself and also 6L. Both under aspect of Mars and Mars is also aspecting 7th house. Mars is dispositor of Rahu also. Mars and Saturn are in mutual aspect. D-60 charts has lot of meaning in predicting any event if birth time is correct. D-60 indicates intense problems very clearly and confirms our analysis.   

Shattrimshatsama dasa (STSD): We will be under Sat-Ven dasa from 28 April 2020 to 28 June 2021. Both are placed in 3rd house in rasi chart. We have already explained above how Saturn - Venus are so closely connected to border clashes. Divisional charts placement is very encouraging. We can do analysis of STSD dasa in all divisional charts similarly we did for Vimshottari. We will for sure win this battle as STSD

Shodashshottri dasa (SSD) : We will be under Moon-Mars dasa from 19 August 2020 to April 2022 which again confirms initial concern as seen in other dasa periods but ending with positive node and getting richer in terms of territory. 

Yogini dasa: We will be under Jup-Sat dasa from 21 June 2020 to 20 December 2020 followed by Venus AD up to July 2021 showing territorial disputes and latter be benefited. Yogini dasa of Jupiter - Venus has surprise element for the country as there will be success after initial troubles. It shows some gain of territory also as surprise package which no one can imagine considering India foreign policy since Independence.   

Char Dasa: Pisces - Pisces operates from 14 March 2020 to 13 August 2020. Lord Jupiter is AmK placed in 6th from lagna and 8th from KL and Pisces. THere is only one planet in kendra from Pisces and that is natural malefic Mars and GK. 7th house from Pisces is Virgo aspected by GK Mars. Some wealth will be pumped in secretly for some warfare decisions. Kumbha dasa starts from 13 August 2020. Kumbha belongs to 10H from lagna. It is 12th from KL. Its lord Saturn is placed in 3rd house from lagna and 6th house from itself with 6th lord Moon, 7th lord Sun, 8th lord Mercury, 12th lord Saturn. 6/8/12 lords all get connected in 6th house indicating some serious troubles also in Kumbha Maha Dasa. Kumbha (&10th from Kumbha) is aspected by AK, AmK, PK, DK hence very auspicious but there is no benefic planet in kendra from this sign. Gk is not connected to this sign hence auspicious. AD Meena will operate up to 14/3/2021. As discussed, AD lord Jupiter is placed in 6th house from lagna and in 8th house from its place. Lord of Meena Jupiter is Brahma as well Rudra. 6/8/12 lord from Meena are conjunct in 5th house. Meena is aspected by GK Mars. In Navamsa, Meena is occupied by 6L Sun and aspected by GK Mars. This is confirmation of what we saw in rasi chart. In D-10, AD Meena and its lord Jupiter is connected to 6L Sun and Saturn. AD Meena will yield mostly bad results despite Kumbha Maha Dasa looks very auspicious overall up to 2027. 

Stithra Dasa: Cancer - Leo 14/3/2020 to 13 Oct 2020
Cancer - Virgo - 13 Oct 2020 to 14 May 2021

MD cancer: It is the 3rd house rasi from lagna occupied by all planets forming Raj yoga hence again indication of prosperity for the country especially because 11th from there becomes very strong. It is occupied by DK Moon, Maheshwara Saturn, 8th lord Saturn, 3/12 lord Mercury and aspected by both Rahu and Ketu. 3/6 houses from Cancer is aspected by Mars. Lord of Cancer is Moon who is placed in 6th house in Navamsa in R/K axis. 

Leo AD is 6th from KL but Virgo AD is showing more concerns as Virgo as well 7th from Virgo is aspected by GK Mars. It is 7th house in Navamsa, again aspected by GK Mars and 6th lord Sun.        

If you are wondering why so many dasa are used to predict Mundane events as CSP chart alone with transit of Saturn / Rahu is suffice. My answer is simple. Using one dasa system is Astrological poverty and we must double check / triple check any predictions through various sources available. For a Mundane event, transit of planets play very important role and CSP charts clear the picture still using as many tools available is very important. I will predict exact dates of war using New Moon charts in 2020 at the time of commencement of CSP 2020. 

Overall, it shows an inevitable tensions leading to war and resolving the issues and moving ahead in life for betterment and prosperity. After the war ends, we shall move ahead for better and prosperous India. 


14 August 2020

It is Dhanu lagna rising which is 8th house of India horoscope. It has lot of meaning. Lagna lord (and year lord) is Jupiter who is retrograde and placed in lagna in Rahu / Ketu axis but very close to lagna degrees hence auspicious. Lagna lord Jupiter and 6th lord Venus are in 1/7 axis in R/K axis. Moon is placed in 6th house and it comes under affliction due to close degree conjunction with Rahu in 6th house in bhava chart. Another Luminary Sun is also under affliction by retrograde Saturn. This further indicates strong decisions. Muntha is placed in 7th house of war and its lord is placed in 8th house. Muntha has some benefic influence also but overall it is afflicted. Muntha lord / 7th lord Mercury is also afflicted and under influence of Mars. Overall, it does not look like simple clashes but war with final positive outcome for us.


DOB: 24 March 2020
TOB: 14:57:59
POB: Delhi
Day Lord: Mars
Hora Lord: Sun

Eclipses during CSP year

Lunar Eclipse 5th June 2020 in Taurus - Scorpio axis 
Solar Eclipse 21st June in Gemini - Sagittarius axis under aspect of Mars

CSP 2020 Lagna chart;

It is Karka lagna, Ashlesha Nakshatra and Kumbha Navamsa (8th house of rasi chart) rising. It is the third house of Country chart. Lagna is occupied by Gulika under aspect of two natural malefic. Saturn as 7th lord of war is placed in 7th house with Mars. There is no benefic influence.

Lagna lord Moon is placed in 9th house under aspect of 7th lord of war Saturn. Lagna lord is in Shub- Kartari yoga.

Lagna Nakshatra lord Mercury is placed in 8th house in paap-kartari yoga.

Navamsa lord Saturn is placed in 7th house of war in rasi chart and conjunct Mars.

Dispositor of both luminaries (Sun & Moon) is Jupiter and placed in 6th house of border clashes in Rahu / Ketu axis. Saturn in 1/7 axis and Rahu/Ketu in 2/8 or 6/12 axis AND vice versa is considered dangerous as it indicates Arishta in CSP year especially because there is no benefic influence. The concern deepens as Rahu also enters Vrishabha later in CSP year.

Our traditional Makara rasi is occupied by only natural malefic planets. I am intentionally not mentioning Saturn placement as lord of Makara rasi rather trying to convey that two natural malefic occupy Makara rasi. 

In Bhava Sripati chart, Mars & Saturn shifts to 6th house and join Rahu / Ketu axis and afflicted 6L Jupiter indicating clear border tensions.

Two natural benefic Jupiter and Mercury are wasted as placed in 6/8 house and third benefic Venus is placed in kendra under mix influence of Jupiter and Mars. Mars and Saturn are placed in Makara rasi in lagna chart which is the rasi of 4th house from Moon in Navamsa Chart giving seriousness to events indicated. Jupiter is placed in Dhanu rasi in Rahu / Ketu axis which is indication of communal tensions also.  

Saving grace and positive points: Placement of both luminaries in 9th house in rasi chart in Shub-Kartari. There is considerable difference of lagna degrees and degrees of malefic influencing the lagna. Placement of natural benefic Venus in Kendra in 10th house as 4th lord. Jupiter is placed in 10th house from Moon in own rasi. Venus and Jupiter are much closer to lagna degrees as compared to malefic planets. Exalted and Vargottama 5/10 lord Mars indicates good intentions of our government and fight for right cause. 9th lord Jupiter in 6th house in own sign also shows fight for right cause and for own protection. Lagna lord and Sun in 9th house also shows positive approach of our government. 8th house is occupied by natural benefic Mercury; though 8th house is in paap-kartari still it does not indicate humiliation for the country. Mercury in 8th house confirms that government present at the time will take completely different decisions not taken by any government in past 73 years.


Navamsa rising is Kumbha which is 8th house of rasi chart hence inauspicious. Navamsa lagna lord is Saturn who is placed in 7th house in rasi chart. Saturn in Navamsa lagna as lord itself gives strength to Navamsa lagna. It gives sharp insight to handle difficult situations through cautious planning and not promoting haste decisions. But exalted Mars in 12th house would enforce government to take strong and timely decisions which Saturn was trying to delay. Mars as placed in fourth house from Moon and exalted can result in use of lethal weapons and violence. Mars + Mercury conjunction is not a healthy conjunction to take decisions with cool head and in our case Mercury is 8th lord of Navamsa indicating gravity of problem. It impacts us more as Mercury is lord of our Jyeshtha Nakshatra rising.

As mentioned above, fourth house from Moon in Navamsa is Makara and occupied by Mars; And in rasi chart both Mars and Saturn occupy this critical Makara rasi again indicating the seriousness of problem. Mars again aspect 7th house in Navamsa chart. Mars aspect 6th house also. Jupiter remains in Rahu / Ketu axis and now conjunct with Rahu confirms rasi chart indication of communal role.

Our lagna lord Moon and other Luminary Sun falls in 9th house in Navamsa chart also under no malefic influence is add on divine saving grace. Venus again placed in kendra in 10th house and again aspecting 4th house as 4th lord confirms protection for the ruling party and for citizens of the country. 6/7 lords conjunct in 9th house indicates fight for right cause and for establishing ourselves as correct in front of this world community. 


In Dasamsa, its Tula rising with lagna lord placed in 3rd house and aspected by 7th lord of war Mars from 12th house. Placement of Mars in 12th house in Rahu/Ketu axis, conjunct 6th lord is worst placement in 12th house of D-10 due to many reasons. Mars again aspect 6/7 houses from 12th house as 7th lord. I have found through my research that 7L Mars in 12th house in Kanya rasi with Rahu & 6L Jupiter is very bad placement as it increases problems for the country and government many fold. Jupiter is again 6th lord and once again in Rahu / Ketu axis and all connected to 6/7 houses needs no further clarification to declare expected war between the two countries. There is clear connection of 3/6/7/12 with R/K axis. Our lagna lord Moon and other Luminary Sun falls in 5th house under no malefic influence is confirmation of saving divine grace.


It is Libra rising with Rahu / Ketu axis in lagna afflicting both Luminaries and lagna lord Venus. Mars looks like least interested in giving us any way out from war as Mars this time again placed in 7th house as 7th lord and aspecting D-8 lagna. Jupiter also comes forward and claims its 6th house results more strongly. As per my research on D-8 horoscope, Mercury becomes the most malefic planet as it develops capacity to give ultimate damage. Association of debilitated Mercury with Jupiter may appear as soft placement as benefic in 6th house but it has hidden message of ultimate destruction due to serious border clashes. As we have progressed from D-1 to D-9 to D-10 to D-8 horoscopes, we can see how our analysis is heading towards confirmation of eventual expected event of war.


It is Kanya rising with lagna lord Mercury placed in 2nd house and aspected by Mars and Jupiter. Lagna is occupied by 6th lord Saturn.  Mars as 8th and 3rd lord is aspecting 6th house and Saturn as 6th lord aspects 7th house and 7th lord Jupiter. D-11 horoscope no doubt indicates war but also shows strong emergence of India after initial loss. 

While delineating lagna and various divisional charts of CSP chart, our India Chart and its planets must be kept in mind to get better accuracy. For example, our LL Venus is placed in Aries which is rasi of 12th house of India Horoscope. Jupiter and Ketu are in Sagittarius which is rasi of our 8th house. Mars is exalted in 7th house of CSP chart who is 7th lord of India chart. Hope it is clear.

Overall Results

There is no escape from war and it will be inevitable. There will be strong fight using strong weapons. There will damage to country properties, wealth and lives. Neighboring country will face serious damage to the extent of loss of some territory also. Our land remain 100% intact but there will be mental agony due to attacks and loss of lives. 

We shall predict exact dates of War in year 2020. For another war which is expected in 2030, we will post in separate articles. War around 2030 will be very bad for the country as we will be under Mars dasa with Saturn transiting Taurus

S Kuber RA
Jyotish Acharaya
Vedic and Lal Kitab Astrologer
Lal Kitab Astro-Vastu Consultant

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