Mesh Rashi 2017


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At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be transiting in your 8th inauspicious house but it moves to your 9th house on 27 January 2017. This will be great relief for certain period as Saturn will retrograde on 6 April 2017 and returns back to 8th house on 21 June 2017. Saturn will remain in 8th inauspicious up to 27 October 2017. This period from 6 April to 27 October can give anxiety and tensions related to career aspects and important relative. You may realize that you missed something important in first quarter of year 2017 hence you have to re-look into important projects and decisions. If you were facing any major problems in career last year and you thought you had recovered in new year; this period from April to October can re-pose challenges. Any important relative who looked like recovered from the health problems in new year may require further treatment. Jupiter will transit in 6th inauspicious house up to 12 September 2017 who will keep forcing you to rethink into your decision about change of job or job profile especially from April to mid September. Your projects and work may be scrutinized to find errors in your work.

Overall year for the Career:

At the beginning of new year, Mars and Venus are transiting in your 11th house of gains hence auspicious. Sun & Mercury are placed in 9th house of luck & fortune so again auspicious. You had been facing the pain of Saturn transit in 8th house since past two years which had given you concerns and anxiety related to career and loss of happiness on account of important relative in the family. But the new year starts with positivity as sun enters your 10th auspicious house of career in mid January. Mars moves to your 12th house of expenses, charity and donation on 21st January 2017 indicating some expenses for good cause. Saturn leaves your inauspicious 8th house on 27 January giving you relief from all previous grief and opens your path for betterment in life.

Venus also enters 12th house on 28th January 2017 and joins Mars. Venus is going to stay long in your 12th house up to May end due to retrogression indicating success in smart investments. In June and July months, Mars will transit your 3rd auspicious house and Venus will be transiting over Moon and second house of wealth indicating success and happiness on account of wealth and finance through self efforts.

Mars & Sun will transit from your 4th house of property / vehicles from mid July 2017 onward and Venus will also be favorable hence this period will be auspicious for taking decisions related to some old property / old vehicles.
Sun enters in your 6th house mid September with Venus transiting in your 5th auspicious house from mid September to 9th October indicating happiness on account of inflow of wealth and victory over enemies. Jupiter leaves inauspicious 6th house on 12th September and enters auspicious 7th house and will remain there for rest of the year. Jupiter will contribute towards betterment in gains and income. Year end indicates minor difficulties related to some blocked wealth but you will recover it before end of year 2017. If you had taken any loans this year, you will be able to clear it before year ends. Your desires will be fulfilled to some extent may be not up to satisfaction.

Important Suggestions for year 2017

Avoid taking risky decisions in career & investments. Do not feel low due to overburden of work and try to do your best under given situation as lazy attitude may add to the ongoing problems. You may seriously think many times about leaving current job and moving to some other place and feel frustrated not getting through it. It will be wise to defer your decision for last quarter of the year or next year. You may not get expected increment & promotion but time ahead is favorable hence patience will pay for your efforts.


The year 2017 is not so auspicious in regards to health and there will be some concerns related to old illness, abdomen, liver, joints etc. 27 May to 21 June is period of more concern for health issues, minor accidents etc. 12 July 2017 to August end indicates concerns for heart patients. August end to mid October is indicating health problems related to existing diseases, abdominal issues, indigestion, constipation etc. Year end will be in perfect health.


First half of the year is not so auspicious still you will do well in your studies. If you are under bad dasa periods in regards to education, you may have to leave your studies and get into some job. Do not get mislead by some strange ideas passing your mind and suggestions coming from friends in regards to important topics. Try to focus on completing your syllabus. Protect yourself from overconfidence. Any exams due before mid March are indicating silly mistakes you may make during exams hence read all your questions twice / thrice before answering.


Venus enters 12th house on 28th January 2017 and joins already transiting Mars in 12th house. This conjunction can increase your passions for sex and personal moments. Venus is going to stay long in your 12th house up to May end due to retrogression indicating success in love related personal matters and leisure trips. You can plan completely personal outing with your spouse / soul mate. Mid August to August end is very sensitive period demanding for personal moments where urge to involve in sex will be extreme beyond your control and you may be willing to compromise on your ideals to get it achieved. Due to negative impact of Rahu and Saturn, August end to September mid may lead to break up with love partner and important friend. Try to resolve the issue with open mind.

There will be conflicts in married couple but things may remain under control. There will be stress & concerns due to child education & career. If there are pending issues related to parental wealth, there may be disputes and conflicts. You can expect positive results September 2017 onward especially in last quarter of the year in regards to marital aspects.

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