Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Mars

As per Lal Kitab, Moon + Mars conjunction indicates sovereign (good) wealth. If Moon + Mars are placed in 3/4/8 houses, Mars gives benefic results. Moon + Mars combination is like mixture of milk and honey which is auspicious. Native will have good marital life and he will benefit from quarrels.

When Jupiter aspects Moon + Mars or Moon + Mars aspect Jupiter, it makes the native wealthy and he gets full support of his friends.

When Sun either aspects them or they aspect sun, it gives Rajyoga. Native becomes senior officer in government and Sun gives highly auspicious results. 

When Venus either aspects them or Moon + Mars aspect Venus, it indicates problems in begetting progeny. Native either looses his wealth or is deprived of happiness of his own wealth. 

When Mercury either aspects them or Moon + Mars aspect Mercury, native becomes successful businessman. He is very intelligent and skilled in his business and he gets support from his social circle. But still, this yoga does not promises wealth.

When Saturn either aspects Moon + Mars or they aspect Saturn and Saturn is not placed in 10/11 houses, Saturn gives results like a debilitated planet. There is danger from animals, poisonous reptiles etc. Native has adamant nature. He may suicide by taking poison or he may die from weapon. 
When Ketu either aspects Moon + Mars or they aspect Ketu, native's son or nephew will be employed in government job but he may not get any financial support from them. 

Moon + Mars in III House: Intelligent. very rich like Lord Kuber. Native grows in his profession and takes very high position in life. But he will not bother for anyone.

Moon + Mars in 4th House: Wealth. His wealth increases with expenses. But Mercury or Saturn should not be posited in 4/10 houses.

Moon + Mars in 7th House: Native is wealthy and has big family. But when Saturn is placed in 1st house, native is greedy. He dies because of some mis-happening or shock. He is deprived financial support from elders.
Moon + Mars in 9th House: Native will not bother about any one. He will beget good child who will become wealthy. If malefic, native dies because of some shock.
Moon + Mars in 10th House: Saturn decides their results. If inimical planets are placed in 4th house, it gives bad results. This yoga does not promises wealth. Native will die due to some casualty.
Moon + Mars in 11th House: Saturn decides their results and wealth. If benefic, native is benefited from government. If malefic, native is superstitious and greedy. If Mars is also malefic, native fails in love affairs and suffers on account of women.

Moon + Mars in 12th House: Auspicious results. 

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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