Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Saturn

As per Lal Kitab, this combination indicates black ink, step-well like a well, weapon or an axe facing towards our own face instead of opponent, tortoise, spoilt milk, iron-made horse-cart which may cause accident, dangerous killer well, poisonous milk etc. 

Moon is wealth and Saturn is cashier hence native may suffer from poverty. Moon is cornea, Saturn is eye sight hence native may suffer from eye defects. Moon is horse and white color; Saturn is black color and eye-sight henceforth, this combination indicates black horse or blind horse. Saturn rules over buffalo hence this combination indicates black buffalo with white patch on the head.  Moon is wealth especially silver coin and Saturn is iron hence this combination indicates iron's coin that too defective (khota sikka). Native will suffer if he involves in work related to Saturn. Native will loose wealth or suffer from theft in periods of planets inimical to Moon. Native's wife, in-laws and friends will enjoy on his wealth. Saturn is snake and Moon signifies milk. As a remedy, feed milk to snakes to ward off evils of this combination.

When Saturn aspects Moon, it spoils significations of Moon. When Moon aspects Saturn, Saturn gives bad results but Moon gives good results. When both planets are placed in adjacent houses, native should not build any house or basement after breaking the well or its walls. 

Moon + Saturn in First House: Similar results as given in Sun + Saturn combination.

Moon + Saturn in Second House: If benefic, gives auspicious results.  Keeping black horse or digging well will give good results. Native helps others.

Moon + Saturn in Third House: Native will have good immovable property but no cash in hand. Perform remedies of Ketu. But if Ketu is also malefic, bury red alum in some deserted place. 

Moon + Saturn in fourth House: Native will be rich and wealthy. If Sun is also supporting and benefic, native will be benefited from parents. Saturn will act like a snake who protects instead of biting. When Sun does not support, native dies in the night at some distant watery place. If Sun supports, he will die in day time in some distant watery place. Native will suffer if indulges in  love affairs. Native's wealth will be utilized by others after his death or because he may not have any child. As a remedy, offer milk to snakes.  
Moon + Saturn in fifth House: It is considered bad for financial aspects of his child. Native will himself undergo severe sufferings. His mother's eye sight will suffer. Native will financially suffer and will loose his property. As a remedy, keep some Chuaray (its a form of dry fruit) in your locker where you keep money.

Moon + Saturn in sixth House: Native should never become either of the three dogs, i.e. one should never live at in-laws house; sister's house and at maternal grand parents' house. People or work related to both Moon and Saturn will give adverse results. Native may not get any ancestral wealth but he will have his own property and goof income.

Moon + Saturn in seventh House: Native will have serious defects in eyes or even blindness. Native will suffer miserably if he fights with his wife. If native consumes milk and black pepper together especially in the night; he will suffer from diseases of lungs, heart eye problems and will loose his wealth. Either of his parents will die by 42 years in the age of 9th, 18th or 36th year. Native will die at his own residence in his birth place. He will get defame because of his methods of earnings. 

Moon + Saturn in eighth House: Native will suffer from animals, weapons etc in his 9-18-36 years. He will have weak eye sight in old age.

Moon + Saturn in ninth House: Native will be rich but still he will not have any mental peace and Moon will give poor results.

Moon + Saturn in tenth House: Very inauspicious. Native will spoil all his wealth. He will suffer on account of love affairs. He will live like gypsy. There is risk of life through Red / brown calf.

Moon + Saturn in 12th House: He will not give any importance to wealth. He gets ordinary happiness from wife.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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