Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Mercury

As per Lal Kitab, Moon is mother and Mercury is daughter henceforth this combination will be considered as Mother and Daughter. Also, Mercury represents sand and Moon represents river hence this combination is like sand in the river. This combination also signifies Parrot, starling (oscine;  in hindi, Maina), swan etc. The Moon rules over well but this combination signifies well which has stairs in it. 

When Jupiter or Saturn aspects them, it gives good results.

When Mercury is malefic in this conjunction, Moon will also give bad results. Native will suffer on account of love affairs. Saturn will also give bad results. When malefic Mars aspects them, native's maternal uncles suffer. He may suffer from heart disease or faints. Mother may loose her eye sight. To ward off evil effects of Mercury, perform remedies of Rahu or malefic Mars. 

When Moon is placed in houses previous to Mercury, Moon will give predominant results. Native will have good spiritual advancement but poor material results. If either of them are placed alone in each other houses, it gives good results but when both are jointly placed in 3-4-6-7 houses, it may give bad results. 

When Mercury is placed in houses previous to Moon, Mercury will give predominant results.

Moon + Mercury in I House: They give independent results.

Moon + Mercury in II House: Mercury will also give good results. Native's own wealth or father's wealth will not be lost. 

Moon + Mercury in III House:  Saturn and Rahu will give bad results. Venus will also give bad results especially when there are no friendly planets (of Mercury)  placed in 6th house.

Moon + Mercury in IV House:  If benefic, it is considered very auspicious for wealth. If malefic, it will give bad results. Both will jointly give malefic results like Saturn. Native may suffer from hallucination. Native may try to help others in their problems but will himself suffer. He will be pulpy by nature and may even commit suicide because of his nature and some love affair. The reason of suicide will not be poverty. 

Moon + Mercury in V House: Independent results

Moon + Mercury in VI House: If benefic, native's parents live long and native get happiness from them especially mother. He earns as cloth merchant. He will be intelligent but he takes decisions considering only one side of the coin.  If malefic, native may be murderer. He may be rich but will face problems one after another and will not find any solution or way out as he will lack intellect and wisdom.

Moon + Mercury in VII House: Inauspicious. Mercury will spoil significations of Moon. Native may be wealthy but will suffer from deep sorrow. His mother may not be alive. If alive, she may loose her eye-sight. Native will suffer if he associates with some mechanical or skilled work. 

Moon + Mercury in VIII House: Similar results like 4th house.

Moon + Mercury in IX House: Independent Results.

Moon + Mercury in X House: Native will gain wealth from sea and travel. He will be successful in business. If malefic, native may get bad results related to wife and children. If 8th house is also malefic, native may have extremely miserable end. He will be inauspicious or ill-omened  for others. 

Moon + Mercury in XI House: Native will get financial gains after his marriage  or marriage of his daughter.

Moon + Mercury in XII House: Saturn will give malefic results irrespective of its placement.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Mercury

1) If they are giving malefic results, mother and daughter should not live together or do not indulge in any mechanical or skilled working especially before 34 years of age. 
2) Do not indulge in love affairs.
3) When Moon and Mercury are conjunct and placed in houses other than 3-4-6-7 and are benefic, mother and daughter together will be auspicious.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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