Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Venus

As per Lal KItab, Venus and Moon conjunction is not auspicious. Native suffers on account of  wife, daughter-in-law, in-laws, maternal relatives, longevity etc. Lal Kitab considers dust particles which are present in air as Venus and and a layer of mud on the land as Moon; Agricultural land as Venus and house land as Moon; Venus as curd and Moon as milk. Although both are white but still there is difference in their white color. White cotton cloth color is like Venus but white silk cloth color is Moon. If agriculture land is used, it represents Venus but if agriculture land is not used for agriculture, it is ruled by Moon.

Native lives ordinary life. He is neither rich nor poor. If we consider Moon as accumulated wealth; Venus is like Lakshmi of this world. The difference between the two is; Moon is like solid silver for mental peace of the native in the form of Rupee  whereas Venus gives happiness through her (life) Cow, wife, marital happiness etc. Venus exalts in 12th house which is considered as bed pleasure and comforts of night. In short, Moon rules glassy (non-live) objects and Venus rules over alive objects. Henceforth, Venus rules over the real wealth and happiness in life but Moon rules over our financial status.

Moon + Venus in I House: Wife's health will suffer and she may develop psychological disorders, mental abrasions or some kind of mania, loss of memory etc.   

If Moon + Venus are placed in 2nd house, native earns from medicines but he himself may not be doctor. He will be highly successful in love affairs. If malefic, native will suffer on account of love affairs and marry more than once. Jupiter will give bad results. 

Moon + Venus in IV House: If malefic, native will suffer from multiple addictions. When Saturn is placed in 10th house, he will get happiness from mother. When Sun is placed in 3rd house, native will get happiness from father. When Sun is placed in 5th house, native will have shy nature like girls but will not be a stupid. 

Moon + Venus in VII House: If native keeps away from evil deeds and does not drink, he will be rich otherwise all his wealth will spoil due to his sybaritic nature. His mother will have eye defects and his wealth will not increase after marriage. When sun is placed in first house, he will get happiness from Father.

Moon + Venus in 8th house: If malefic, native will be eunuch or coward. Native may be characterless and will suffer due to his own deeds. For financial improvement and good health, native should serve old mother like ladies and cow. Or donate Cow. When Venus is afflicted in this conjunction, perform remedies of Mercury and if Moon is afflicted, perform remedies of Mars. 

Wear silver chain.

S Kuber RA
Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert