Moola Nakshatra

Stellar Astrology

Moola Nakshatra Characteristics, four padas, Leo sign Simha Rashi as per Vedic Indian Astrology

Moola means the root or the base. As without root, no plant can grow, similarly there has to be some reason or root cause for any thing happening in this world. This is the bottom line of all researches. Thos Nakshatra is significator of roots or vegetables like carrot, reddish etc which grow up as root. As the roots are not visible, it indicates hidden or buried secrets of one’s life. Moola Nakshtra is represented by the Goddess of destruction, i.e. Goddess Maha-Kaali  As Maha-Kali cuts the head of the demons, this Nakshtra gets connected to death of a life or end of an event or end of any other thing.

Moola Nakshtra is considered auspicious for both spiritual as well as material success. But at the same, it makes the native little arrogant and irony in behavior. Also, due to dual sign, such natives may get confused some times which way to go. The struggle of opting spirituality or material world may worry them. They have very high levels of intellect and they believe in reaching to the root cause of every subject they are interested in. They try to achieve high levels irrespective of how much time it may take. They are among the people who have firm ideas and they believe in quickly implementing their thoughts into actions but with proper planning and intellect. Moola born people have very fair possibility of achieving high levels of spiritual progress but at the same time such knowledge may be utilized for personal gains especially if there is Venus Navmansha. Under affliction, such native may misuse their powers for personal benefits.

It is highly auspicious to worship Goddess Maha-Kali along with God Ganesha in beginning of all works as her blessings ensure success. This Nakshtra has the capacity to take the native to top material position and finally quit it.  It gives high spirits to the natives.

Body parts ruled by Moola : It rules our feet. 

Natives born under Moola Nakshtra have prominent nose and thick lips. It belongs to butcher caste and so further gets linked with cutting of anything. Dragon's Tail (Ketu) cuts our bindings with the material world. Dragon's Tail (Ketu) cuts the emotional threads between the two people because any emotional binding is the main obstruction in our way of salvation. For example, unless we cut the roots of the tree, it may grow again; similarly people keep taking re-births because of emotional knots.

Moola is the neutral Nakshtra. It’s Tamsik and demonic in nature.  As it relates to cutting; knives, blades scissors, swords etc. come under this Nakshtra but natives of Moola Nakshatra do not harm others in achieving their goals and their work benefit the society. But, if people try to play politics or under-cut them, it will be very difficult to escape from their anger.


Moola Nakshatra I Pada

It influence the native towards material world.  Natives born in this quarter are arrogant and egoistic and they are more concerned about material growth, self respect in society etc. Natives born in this pada may be recognized by their fair complexion, shining teeth, piercing eye, aggressive talking, big and beautiful nose. They generally have small testicles.  Moola Nakshatra I pada name first letter is "yay"

Moola Nakshatra II pada 

This quarter makes the native good astrologer. It makes the native soft and hard working. They are very particular about their material growth. They have above average height, broad chest, heavy legs especially above knee and slightly longer chin. Moola Nakshatra II pada name first letter is "yo"   

Moola Nakshatra III pada 

This quarter makes the native highly intellectual in material plane. Such natives are much balanced in nature and can devote equal time to spiritual activities as well worldly activities. But this part of Moola Nakshtra does not promotes material prosperity. They spend lot of time in reading classical texts and are highly educated. They are highly skilled, mature, humorous and never compromise their ideals in life. Moola Nakshatra III pada name first letter is "Bhaa"     

 Moola Nakshatra IV pada 

It makes the native emotional henceforth creating further difficulties in taking firm decisions. Such natives find it difficult to direct their goals and they are the most imbalanced people of this Nakshtra.They are intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled, joyful and have above average height. They will have  reddish-white complexion and beautiful hairs.  Moola Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is "Bhee"     

Moola Nakshatra Professions : This Nakshtra is good for any research work or any activity involving any unfolding secretes related to this world or spiritual world or for that matter unfolding any mystery. This Nakshtra is good for beginning study of Astrology. This Nakshtra should be avoided in general in all activities involving material decision. Moola born people are good detectives, explorer, preachers, doctors (roots in Ayurveda are used in making medicines), speakers, leaders, Magistrates, Judge, administrators, Astrologers or any other profession requiring high intellect levels + research.

Body parts ruled by Moola Nakshatra: feet

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Magha Nakshatra

Stellar Astrology

Magha Nakshatra, Characteristics, four padas, Leo sign Simha Rashi as per Vedic Indian Astrology

This Nakshatra gives top positions in life.  It is also known as king or lion or crowned ruler.  Magha, as the name suggests indicates big or great. So overall, we can say that Magha Nakshatra indicates the royal position, authority, power and high level of social status.

Magha is not ruled by God or devtas; it is ruled by Pitra (ancestors) and this Nakshtra is considered of demons hence it promotes enjoying of material luxuries etc.  It rules over past  and Pitra-Dosha (evil deeds done by our ancestors). The unknown or hidden problems are caused by Dragon's head (Rahu) & by Dragon's tail (Ketu). Magha Nakshatra is directly connected with our past or past deeds.  Unlike Ashwini Nakshtra, Magha Nakshatra is connected to this material world. So we have another side of the coin with us. People under influence of this Nakshatra will have more inclination towards material world, authority, position etc instead of having inclination towards spirituality. Native’s physical appearance will be more like a lion having round face, big nose, broad chest etc. and he / she will have very impressive personality. They have the capacity to create fear in others mind by their body language and piercing look.

As per Vedic classical texts it’s a female Nakshatra.

Body parts ruled by Magha Naksahtra: It rules over our face especially nose, lips and chin.

Tree ruled by Magha Nakshatra: Banyan tree

Four padas of Magha Nakshatra:

Magha Nakshatra first pada

It indicates very strong disposition for the native. Such natives will be highly powerful, egoistic and will attain very high status and authority. But the natives must control over exercising of powers which may result into strong enemies. This combination makes the native judge, magistrate or a lawyer of very high repute. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by broad heavy chest, slim waist, big head, red  nose and aggressive nature. Magha Nakshatra I pada name first letter is "Maa"

Magha Nakshatra second pada

It indicates decency in behavior and lower ego levels. Such natives while remaining in power and authority will diplomatically achieve their material goals successfully. It makes natives a diplomat, administrator, manager, politician etc. They have broad forehead, long arms, thick nose, uniform square like body and well developed chest. Magha Nakshatra II pada name first letter is "Me".

Magha Nakshatra third pada 

Such natives are highly intelligent and smartly find out time for their leisure activities and spend time with friends. They know how to relax themselves after office hours. They are highly educated and their profession involves high level of intellectual work. They have heavy arms with extra hairs on it, heavy neck, high nose and shining body. Magha Nakshatra III pada name first letter is "Mu".   

Magha Nakshatra fourth pada 

Its not a good position for a person in authority. It makes the native emotional while taking important decisions and he gets more inclined towards his own interests, family etc which is not good for balance decision making. Such natives may be researchers, archeologists etc. They have big eyes, soft body hairs,  heavy limbs, big belly and shining soft body. Magha Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is "May"    

Magha Nakshatra Professions : administrators, managers, leaders, ministers, govt. officials, share market, astrology, magistrate, judge etc

Magha is auspicious for any historical research, history, marriages, business establishment, job, shares, worshiping of ancestors etc. But this Nakshatra be avoided for borrowing or lending money.

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Ashwini Nakshatra

 Stellar Astrology

Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics, four pada, Aries sign Mesha Rashi as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Dragon's tail (Ketu) is represented as horse’s head and its deity are twins (Ashwini kumars) who are known as physicians of God. Ashwini indicates beginning of any thing. Like a horse, Ashwini Nakshatra represents anxiousness, hyper-alertness and hyper-sensitivity to surrounding environment. The Ashwini Kumar brothers have supernatural powers and they Can resolve any problem or problems related to health, especially impotency. The Lord Ganesha rules this Nakshatra and for the reason we worship Lord Ganesha at beginning of every work for removing all unexpected obstacles.

Ashwini is a Satwic Nakshatra having dev-gana (meaning related to God hence promotes spiritualism). Natives born in this Nakshatra are spiritual and believe in God.

Ashwini natives are quick and impulsive and can take brave decisions. They go to the extent of attempting impossible so people may declare their decisions as foolish and suicidal. Also, they have straight forward nature. It’s a young and energetic Nakshatra but adamant in nature. People in this Nakshatra are adamant, impulsive, good beginners but poor finishers and they also do not change their nature and behavior with time. They are comfortable only in short duration activities. They are helpful in nature but one can not expect them to be helping for long period. They do not have patience to concentrate on one work and they keep shuffling. They do not take advice of any body and just jump into any work without even knowing how to do it. They are always interested in body building. They are capable, self-sustaining, independent, and intuitive and can take initiative of taking any job in hand. 

Ashwini Nakshatra School and College Education and Studies

They have sharp intellect and curious mind. They are very eager to learn new things and do well in subjects like Science, computers, chemistry, Biology and Maths. They get good education but they do mistakes while writing due to haste nature.

Ashwini Nakshatra Professions, Career and wealth sources

Medicines, drugs, doctor especially gynecologists, neo-natal doctors, surgeons, pre-nursery schools, teachers for small children, engineers expert in laying foundations of buildings, stunt-men, car racing, any adventurous sport, Air force, horse racing, race tracks, railway tracks etc.

Ashwini Nakshatra Health

They are prone to migraine, headache, high blood pressure, heart problems and accidents.

Ashwini Nakshatra Love, Romance, Marriage, Marital life and Children

They generally get married by the age of 28 years. Although they love their family members, spouse and children, there may be some disputes in routine life because of their adamant nature. Some problems in male child are indicated. Their love and romance life is not very good and they may be changing love partners frequently

Ashwini Nakshatra body parts 


Ashwini Nakshatra Lucky Colors, stones, years, God and Goddess
Lucky Colors: Pink, orange, maroon, yellow
Lucky stones: Red Coral, ruby, yellow sapphire
Lucky Years: 14, 24, 25, 28, 48
Lucky God: Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha 
Lucky Goddess: Maha Lakshmi

Ashwini Nakshatra and its four padas

Ashwini Nakshatra first pada

People born in this quarter have excessive qualities of this Nakshatra.  They can be recognized by their goat like face, small eyes, small nose, ordinary features, slim body and heavy voice. Ashwini Nakshatra I pada name first letter is "Chu"

Ashwini Nakshatra second pada

People born in this quarter have comparatively stable nature. These natives direct their efforts in right direction and better implementation of tasks is seen. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by their muscular body, small forehead ,big eyes and soft voice. Ashwini Nakshatra II pada name first letter is "Chay"

Ashwini Nakshatra Third pada 

People born in this quarter are intelligent and have good decision making ability. Natives born in this pada can be recognized by their fair complexion, less hairs on head, beautiful eyes and nose and slender limbs. They have strong communication skills and they normally walk with extended arms. 

Ashwini Nakshatra III pada name first letter is "Cho" 

Ashwini Nakshatra Fourth pada 

People born in this quarter are emotional. They may belong to medical profession and have helping nature. They have slender body and small nose. They have questioning eyes and they look at surroundings like a child. Ashwini Nakshatra IV pada name first letter is "Laa"

Auspicious Activities for Ashwini  Nakshatra II, III and IV charana: Good for beginning of any activity or legal activity, spiritual activity, traveling etc.

Ashwini is bad for marriage, any activity demanding high level of patience or cool headed decisions, share market, bed pleasure, finishing activities etc. It gives smoking habits and even chain smoking.

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Ascendant and its mathematical calculation

We have understood by now that there are twelve signs and nine planets as far predictive astrology is concerned. For appreciating rising of different ascendant, we must remember the Sun sign first. Secondly we need to remember that early morning the rising ascendant is same as of Sun sign followed by other signs of the zodiac. For example:

It’s 17th of the April month. The first thing we should remember that Sun is in its exaltation status in Aries sign so rising sign early morning will be Aries only. While learning astrology, we will appreciate many times that most of things if predictive astrology are connected to Sun and Moon.

In the age of computers we do not wish to ask you learn un necessary mathematical calculations. But it is utmost important to know mathematical calculation of ascendant, Navmansha and other divisional charts. It helps a lot in predictive astrology.

To learn mathematical calculation, we need

1) Table of ascendants ( costing Rs. 50/-)
2) Lahiri’s Ephemeris of 2006 ( costing Rs. 60/-)

Q: Find out the ascendant for the native born at 0300 hours IST on 15th October, 2006, Delhi.

Ans.: please follow the easy steps

Step 1: The time given to us is IST and it should be first converted to local mean time

: hours minutes seconds

Birth time (IST) 3 00 00
Correction factor (-) 0 21 08
for Delhi (refer page
102 of tables of
LMT: 2 38 52

We can calculate LMT for any city referring the table.

Step 2:

To find out Sidereal time please open page 2 of the tables of ascendants. The sidereal time which is mentioned is at 82 ½ ˚ E longitude for 1900 A.D. You can see sid. time month wise for all 365 days of the year.

In our case, we need sidereal time for 15th October and it is:

hours minutes seconds
13 33 20

correction for year 2006 (+) 00 01 19
as mentioned on page
3 and 4

ST for 15th October 2006 13 34 39

ST correction for Delhi
As mentioned on page 102 (+) 00 00 03


ST for 15th October 2006,
Delhi at 1200 hours 13 34 42

Step 3: As we know, the reference point of sidereal time is 1200 hours, and birth time is 0300 hours which is before ST, we need to subtract LMT from 1200 hours.

hours minutes seconds.

12 00 00

(-) 02 38 52


time interval 09 21 08

please refer page 5

correction for 9 hours (+) 01 29
correction for 21 minutes
and 8 seconds (+) 03


09 22 40


Step : 4

ST for 15th October 2006,
Delhi at 1200 hours 13 34 42

(-) 09 22 40

ST at birth 04h 12m 02s

Step: 5

Open page 49 of table of ascendants. Latitude 28 ˚ 39’ north (Delhi)

4h and 12 minute reflects: 4s 13 ˚ 19’

we can neglect 2 seconds.

The above figure means the ascendant rising has completed 4 signs meaning leo ascendant is running at 13 ˚ 19 minutes

Step 6:

Ayanamsa correction for year 2006: (-) 0 ˚ 57 minutes

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Twelve signs rashis of zodiac kalapurusha all details




Aries Mesha:               Head
Taurus Vrishabha:       Face
Gemini Mithuna:         Neck / shoulders
Cancer Karka:            Chest and Heart
Leo Simha:                  Heart and Stomach
Virgo Kanya:              Back and naval region 
Libra Tula:                  Region between naval and secret organs
Scorpio Vrischika:      Secret organs
Sagittarius Dhanu:     Thighs
Capricorn Makara:    Knees
Aquarius Kumbha:     Region below knees and above feet 
Pisces Meena:           Feet


Aries Mesha:                 Blood red color
Taurus Vrishabha:         Simply white
Gemini Mithuna:           Parrot like Green
Cancer Karka:              Exactly like pinkish-skin color
Leo Simha:                    Exactly like color of skin but yellowish grey or dark cream
Virgo Kanya:                Multicolor
Libra Tula:                   Blue or black color
Scorpio Vrischika:       Grey color
Sagittarius Dhanu:      Exactly Golden color
Capricorn Makara:     Multi color with spots
Aquarius Kumbha:      Exact color like camel or brownish
Pisces Meena:            Butter yellow


Movable signs: 1,4,7,10 ( i.e. all signs which fall in quadrants of zodiac horoscope (Aries)
Fixed signs:         2,5,8,11 (signs next to quadrant signs)
Dual signs:           3,6,9,12 ( signs before quadrant signs)

As the name suggest, movable indicates moveable aspect of the sign. for example, if planet ruling our profession house, i.e. 10th house, is posited in any moveable sign will indicate that a person may be in profession which requires either travelling or a job where person doesnot work while sitting on a chair. Similarly fixed sign will indicate a job of office manger who works 9-5 sitting on a chair. Dual signs indicate mixed nature of other two signs.

Metal signs Dhatu rashis: Root signs Moola rashis and Life signs Jeeva rashis 

M  R   L
1    2    3
4    5    6
7    8    9
10 11 12

Metal indicates precious metals / wealth etc. 
Root indicates vegetables, cereals, agricultural products etc.
Life means humans, animals etc.


Quadruped signs Chatushpad rashis (four legs like animals) : 1,2,5, second half of Sagittarius  Dhanu and first half of Capricorn Makara. These are strong in 10th house. In modern context, it indicates four wheel vehicles car etc.

Two legs (like humans): 3,6,7, first half of Sagittarius Dhanu and Aquarius Kumbha*. These are strong in 1st house i.e in ascendant. 
*some texts refer Aquarius Kumbha as watery sign.

Watery Signs (like fish who has no legs) : 4,12 and second half of Capricorn Makara. These are strong in 4th house 

Insect sign keet rashi ( having multiple legs like insects) : 8.   It is strong in 7th house.


Rajo guna    Tamo guna  Sato guna
1                      4
2                      6                  5
7                    10                  9
11                                       12

Satoguna is indicative of highly generous, very kind, highly intellectual, learned, sacrificing nature. It blesses and helps all mankind without expectation of any returns. Truly God like.

Rajoguna is indicative of doing deeds or karma for fulfilling desires of self or others. There is clear expectation of returns but still positive attitude reflects. Good material signs.

Tamoguna is indicative of selfish interests. It extends to hurting others for fulfillment of self desires. High anger, laziness, greed, overeating, excess indulgence in sex, addictions etc belong to this category.

God has three Gunas or qualities; Sat-Raj-Tam and all the three Gunas are present in all individuals who exist with Panch Tatwa Shareera (body made of five elements) or Divya Shareera (divine body which does not require five elements of this universe) but in different proportion. If the entire three all equally balanced it will represent the almighty God himself in his Nirakaar Rupa or without any bodily form. For example Sun.


Pitta  Vata Tridosha Kapha
1         2              3           4
5         6              7           8
9        10            11          12

Pitta is firy. Vata is airy. Kapha is watery and Tri-dosha is mixture of all three.

Kshatriya Varana             Vaishya Varana         Shudra Varana         Brahmin Varana
1                                               2                                     3                             4
5                                               6                                     7                             8
9                                               10                                  11                           12

Varana means the class or group of society.

Shatriya is fighter class/king/protectors
Vaishya is business class
Shudra is lower class like servants etc.
Brahmin class is the upper class belonging to intellectual and learned people from religious society, spiritual leaders, priest of the church, preachers etc.


Uchha-swara          Manda or niswara             Ardha-swara
1                                         4                                      6
2                                         8                                      7
3                                       12                                    10
5                                         9                                    11

Uchha means Hign pitch i.e. loud and swara means sound. Manda means low and niswara means no sound at all hence it may indicate a dumb native or native with speech problems (if under affliction). Ardha means half and indicates medium sound.


Short height                   Medium height                  Long height
1                                                  3                                     5
2                                                  4                                     6
11                                               9                                      7
12                                              10                                     8


Signs Rashis strong in night :        1,2,3,4,9,10      (ruled by Moon)

Signs Rashis strong in day-time:    5,6,7,8,11,12   (ruled by Sun)


Prishtodaya signs rashis                Sheershodaya signs rashis      Ubhyodaya signs rashis
1,2,4,8,10                                         3,5,6,7,8,11                           12                                            
Prishtodaya means rear side; Prishtodaya signs rashis rise from rear side and sheersh means head; Sheershodaya signs rashis rise from head. Pisces Meena is similar at both ends and is called as Ubhyodaya sign rashi. Sheershodaya signs rashis are consider as benefic and they give early results.


East           South              West               North
1                    2                     3                     4
5                   6                      7                    8
9                 10                      11                12

In northern style horoscope, write all the signs in quadrants or Kendras moving anti clock wise to appreciate the directions of sign. The directions are same as of horoscope.

Rashis are strong when they are occupied by their lords or aspected by their lords or occupied or aspected by natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.

Rashis or Signs can also be considered strong if they are occupied by the planets who consider them as friendly.


MESHA (ARIES): Ram, ruled by Mars, Tuesday, east direction, Mool-Trikona sign of Mars, exaltation sign of Sun, debilitation sign of Saturn, ascendant or first house of KaalPurusha, Trine as well as quadrant, dharma, central government, Head, pasture or grazing field, Blood-red, fiery, malefic, male, quadruped, Shatriay, rajsik, coral, iron component of RBC, copper, beginning as its first sign, positive energy, purity of heart, vital, leader, innovative, dictator, authority, free-mind, dominating, dynamic, fearless, courteous, self-centered, highly ambitious, impulsive, strong will power, ego, poor discretion, quick decisions, Ram like long neck, round eyes, square or triangular face, residence in jungle, hills, stones, open battle field, thorn plants, minerals, short or medium height, broad chest, slim, muscular body, wiry hairs, broad temples, defense personnel, cops, doctors, surgeons, butchers, pharmacist, hair dressers, watch makers, fond of sports, innocence, purity, mechanics, engineers, wrestlers, body builders, boxers, smiths, tailors, cooks, hotel industry, carpenters, metallurgists, property and real estate dealers, head injuries, cuts and burns, teeth, inflammation, pain, hemorrhage, agriculture, medical science, industries, printing, under ground place where gem stones are found, ploughed lands, cotton, wheat, wool, beans, leather

Vrishabha (Taurus): bull, especially the hump portion of bull, agricultural land especially watery agricultural land, parks, dairy farms, residential land near a jungle, grains, face especially forehead, white, juicy fruits, female, benefic, forgiveness, village, business class people, diplomatic, physically fit and strong, sexually active, strong thighs, unmindful of others, selfish, self centered, full of desires, materialistic, south, contented, normally passive but becomes hyper-active if motivated, exaltation sign of moon, good actors, advertisers, painters, singers, fashion designers, not reliable, cheats, politicians, clothes, flowers, nursing, E.N.T. doctors, veterinary doctors, appearance on T.V. / cinema, film producers, human psychology, throat diseases like goiter, cervical pain, cosmetics, mirror, vocabulary, speech therapy, audiometery, basic education

Mithuna (Gemini): couple, dual, Kaama, dancers, singers, artists, bed room, creative activity, restlessness, unstable, conflicts in ideology, death due to suicide, teacher of spirituality, great thirst for enlightenment, highly thoughtful, less actions, information, hands and shoulders, spiritual healings, astrological remedies, materialistic as well spiritual, trader, gambler, call girls, red light areas, place of sexual activities, seasonal vegetables, indoor games, X rated films, parrot green, curly hairs, learned, good orators, expression power, expert in household activities, black lips, versatile, diplomacy, actor, village, teachers, book publishers, editors, predictive astrologers, mathematics, traveling agents, IT, transport, clerks, commerce, accountant, writing work, book writing, journalists, emails, school stationary, middle men, diseases related to lower part of neck, swelling of throat, asthma patients, throat infections, west

Karka (Cancer) : crab, moksha, Gyana, water, emotions, mental peace, public, friends, breast, lakes, rivers, ponds, banks of river, females, place of deities, white or pink, well, water fall, fast movements, sacrifice, selfishness, north, imaginations, romance, sensitive, moody, round body, liquids, explorer, researcher, pearl, kind and generous businessman, ministers, marine related, shipping, north, people other than relatives

Simha (Leo): Lion, Jungles full of trees, Himalaya, caves, mountains, rocky areas, red, stomach/belly, brave, king, fire, burning desires, east, aspiring, ambitious, action oriented, frankness, high-mindedness, self-reliance, creativeness, honor, respect, sweet talk, Krura, aggression, donations, vitality, strong, shoulders, cheerful, majestic, fearless, Speculation, interests, attraction for opposite sex, affairs, gold, head of a company, advisor, ambassador, place of administration, brown, heart, Ayurveda, medical science, state govt., stock exchanges, hot places

Kanya (Virgo): a female traveling in a boat with burning lamp in one hand and holding planets & creepers in the other, dual, straight nose, active, smooth voice, tall, slender, curved heavy eyebrows, teen, intellect, commercial locality, places where fruits and vegetables are stored learning places, plane ground, entertainment place of females, logical, multicolor, land full of plants and trees, self benefit, young lady and her bedroom, resentfulness, self-indulgence, versatile, industrious, frank, doctors, teacher, auditor, caterer, confectioner, worms workshop, towns, naval area, sufferings, dissatisfaction, eternal truth, divine spark, hungry for power, materialistic, beginning of high spiritual originality, future planning, poetry, trendsetter, discrimination, waist, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix, accountants, artists, teachers, mathematics, engineers, traders, writers, highly paid service class people, south, precision, , neurology, non mechanical engineering, travel and tours, parks, , dark store rooms in general, book-shelves, yearly planner, primary aid-boxes, library, lobhiya beans, green moong dal, wheat

Tula (Libra): a man holding Libra balance in his hand and standing in a bazaar, balance and imbalance, west, control, tall, elegant , proportional body, slim, parrot like nose, strong limbs, fair complexion, soft, attractive, opposition, sex, partnership, justice, turmoil, marketing, sale, selling, market places, white, lower abdominal area, kidneys, business places, variegated, treasury, responsible, fair in discussion, does not accept false logics, luxuries, Bhoga, material world, optimistic, unstable, changeable, , artist, actors, dancers, composers, chemists, painters, musicians, architects, kidney problems, urine, uterus, appendicitis, hernia, Ayurveda, homeopathy, fine arts, surgeon, textile, cloths, wheat and black grain

Vrischika (Scorpio): Scorpio or other venomous reptiles, holes, underground or hidden places, secretive places, secret organs, war field, tolerance power, serious obstacles, breaks, chronic diseases, downfall, un-earned wealth, wild places, black and red, stone pieces, frustrations, sufferings, death like situations, beginning of spirituality, stand still water, mooladhara, occult, evil eye, accusations, pit, total darkness, zero light zone, infra red zone, un identified fears, unknown fears, suspicions of mind, cave, radical transformation, lottery, sudden, highly malefic, female, watery, North, highly violent, shrewd, creative, researcher, serious conflicts, , sudden developments, psychic power, illusions of mind, evil eye, dusky, proportional body organs, sexual diseases, piles, menstrual disorders long hands, severe destruction, turmoil, unexpected events of life, commanding, willing to risk lives, doctors especially dealing chronic diseases, surgeons, cops, technology, chemistry, cold drinks, machinery, addictions, bad habits, detective agents, , engineers, Law, any thing highly secretive, occult, death date, murder, cremation grounds, grains, woolen, sugarcane, underground wealth and metals, oil, fermentation

Dhanu (Sagittarius): it represents like a horse body with head of a human; holding archer with a bow, firy, forest places, thighs, fort, destiny, dharma, male, east, initiative, versatile, adoptable, learned, higher education, spiritual advancements, career, desires, knowledge, continuous learning, outspoken, social, extrovert, balanced, very positive, sometimes impulsive, optimistic, large body, bright eyes, charming face, fair, law, court, judge, senior politician, banks, finance companies, information and broadcasting department, hips, telecommunication, electronics, chartered accountants, pharmacy, top unused weapons, religious places, top floors of flats, horse

Makara (Capricorn): deer’s face, crocodile, river banks, taking bath in rivers, female, south, exaltation sign of Mars, debilitation of Devaguru, profession, karma, compromise on traditional values, modernization, future aspects, envious, overemotional, dissatisfied, long nose, narrow chin, lean body, steel, employment in top big or govt. companies, environmental science, bureaucrat, politicians in power, sports material, electricity, building contractors, knee-joint pain, Computer science, economics, anesthesia, business administration, bushes, lead, wet grains, sugarcane

Kumbha (Aquarius): kumbha, a person holding a kumbha with pickle in it, pot shaped, west, fulfillment of desires, karma fhala, gains, dried out places, places where wine is manufactures, mutton market, gambling, buttocks, male, creative, determined clever, faithful, obstinate, dependable, genuine, visual, opposition, tall, defective teeth, wireless & telecommunication oval face, industrialists, mechanical / civil engineers, designers, share brokers, malls, hotels, , mathematics, regions below ankles, mines, ores, water fruits, never ending desires, high end demands, obsession for sex

Meena (Pisces): two fishes close together but facing at opposite ends, duality, deciding for either way, end of all conflicts and confusions, rebirth or moksha, bank of holy rivers, sea, north, origin of Ganga, feet, pilgrimages, Brahma Gyana, bed room, Bhoga, holy places like haridwar, gangotri, female, watery, Venus exalts and Mercury debilitates, social, sappy, understanding, insight, sixth sense, sleep, imagination, adaptability, short, fatty, projected eyes, decorator, exploration, very high end research, financer, detain, architects, singers, water works, astrologers, diseases of feet & toe, addictions, good habits, M.D.

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Planets All Details



There are six parts of our great Vedas. Jyotish Shastra or Vedic Astrology is the sixth part and eyes of Vedas. It has three main divisions so it is also referred as Skandatrya. Skanda meaning chapter and Trya means three. They are Ganit (Mathematics), Hora (Jataka or predictive) and Sahinta (Mundane). By addition of two more Sahinta, Preshna (Horary or query related) and Shakuna (Omens) it becomes Panch-Skanda.

Although our focus will always remain on predictive astrology but we can not afford to skip any subject without touching. It is very important to understand basics of Astronomy, mathematical calculation of Ascendant and Vargas and other related areas which are of great indirect help in predictive astrology.


Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Saturn, Rahu (Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)


The number 1 sign as you know is Aries and is Eastern side of the horoscope. This is north Indian style chart and number 1 box represent the Ascendant.

Sun is the Lord of Leo (5)
Moon is the lord of Cancer (4)
Mars is the lord of Aries (1) and Scorpio (8)
Mercury is the lord of Gemini (3) and Virgo (6)
Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius (9) & Pisces (12)
Venus is the lord of Taurus (2) & Libra (7)
Saturn is the lord of Capricorn (10) & Aquarius (11)
Rahu and Ketu have no physical existence and have no sign lordships. Rahu & Ketu are Chaaya Greha or Shadowy planets.

Speed of Planets

Name of the Planet Average time a planet Total time a planet takes to
takes to change star sign complete one cycle of 360°
from Aries to Pisces

Sun 30 days 365 days
Moon 2.1/4 days 27 days
Mars 45 days 18 months
Mercury 28 days
Jupiter 12 months 12 years
Venus 29 days 348 days
Saturn 2.1/2 years 30 years
Rahu ( Dragon Head) 1.1/2 years 18 years
Ketu (Dragon Tail) 1.1/2 years 18 years

Maha Rishi Parashar has mentioned about Rahu / Ketu behavior in different signs in their Dasha periods only.

Exaltation (Uchha) and Debilitation (Neecha) of Planets

Planet   Exaltation sign        Debilitation sign          Deepest exaltation / debilitation degrees
Sun               Aries                       Libra                        10 degrees
Moon           Taurus                    Scorpio                       3 degrees
Mars            Capricorn               Cancer                     28 degrees
Mercury      Virgo                       Pisces                      15 degrees
Jupiter         Cancer                    Capricorn                  5 degrees
Venus           Pisces                     Virgo                       27 degrees
Saturn           Libra                      Aries                       20 degrees

Maharishis have not assigned any exaltation or debilitation signs to Rahu (Dragon's head) and Ketu (Dragon's tail). But learned people take Taurus and Gemini as exaltation signs of Rahu and Scorpio and Sagittarius signs as exaltation for Ketu. Debilitation is in opposite signs. 

When ever there is difference of opinions, we give first preference to the verdict of Maha Rishi Parashar. Maha Rishi Parashar describes their different states only while delineating Dasha results. We accept the same verdict.

Planet         Mool-Trikona sign          Mool-Trikona degrees                Own sign degrees

Sun                     Leo                                0 ˚ to 20 ˚                                      20 ˚ to 30 ˚
Moon                 Taurus                           3 ˚ to 30 ˚                                             n/a
Mars                  Aries                              0 ˚ to 12 ˚                                      12 ˚ to 30 ˚
Mercury            Virgo                             15 ˚ to 30 ˚
Jupiter               Sagittarius                      0 ˚ to 10 degrees                          10 ˚ to 30 ˚
Venus                Libra                               0 ˚ to 15 ˚                                      15 ˚ to 30 ˚
Saturn               Aquarius                         0 ˚ to 20 ˚                                       20 ˚ to 30 ˚

What do we understand by exaltation or debilitation or Mool-Trikona sign?

In general or literal meaning, an exalted planet or a planet in its Mool-Trikona sign or own sign is considered strong and auspicious and it gives good results especially of its significations.

A debilitated planet on the other hand is considered weak and in-auspicious and can not give good results especially of owned significations.

Inter Relationship of Planets

All the nine planets and this whole universe exist within us in micro form. We experience everything related to the nine planets on daily basis and we just need to connect our lives to the planets.

As such there is no friendship or enmity among planets and they represent different colors or characters of the universe. Our body is also made of Panch Mahabuthas (Agni, Prithvi, Vayu Jala, and Akaash) which are of opposite nature; still they exist as one physical form. Similarly characters of all planets are within our self but one or the other forms are predominant making different personalities.

We can proceed further on this subject matter as by now we have thoroughly understood the significations of nine planets.

How to find out inter planetary relationships?

Ans.: Draw a horoscope with Mool-Trikona sign of the planet as ascendant. From the ascendant,

2nd and 12th, 5th & 9th and 4th & 8th signs; and exaltation sign are considered as friendly signs by the planet in question.

Let’s take an example: Aries is the Mool-Trikona sign of Mars.

2/12 5/9 4/8 signs are friendly signs.

10 i.e. Capricorn is exaltation sign of Mars so it becomes friendly sign.

Inimical signs: 3/6/7/11

Interplanetary relationship:

As both signs of Mercury (3 & 6) are inimical, Mars consider Mercury as enemy. Venus is lord of Taurus (2) and Libra (7). Taurus is friendly sign but Libra is inimical so Mars considers Venus as neutral. Similarly, Mars considers Saturn as neutral. Mars considers Sun, Moon and Jupiter as friends. Please note that this relationship is perceived relationship of Mars only. Other planets may have different opinion or relationship about Mars which need to be understood by making similar charts of all planets.

The relationship as explained is called as Natural relationship of planets and is shown in the following table:

Planets       Friends                                           Enemies                                          Neutral

Sun             Moon, Mars, Jupiter                    Venus, Saturn                                 Mercury
Moon         Sun, Mercury                                   none                             Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars          Sun, Moon, Jupiter                         Mercury                                    Venus, Saturn
Mercury    Sun,Venus                                        Moon                                   Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Jupiter       Sun, Moon, Mars                        Mercury, Venus                                 Saturn
Venus        Mercury, Saturn                              Moon, Sun                                  Mars, Jupiter
Saturn        Mercury, Venus                        Sun, Moon, Mars                                Jupiter

As we can see in above table that Sun considers Mercury as neutral but Mercury considers Sun as a friendly planet. Similarly, Mars considers Saturn as neutral by Saturn considers Mars as enemy planet.

We can also divide the nine planets in different groups:-

Group 1: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu
Group 2: Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu

Moon is considered as neutral planet. Moon is like plain water and it can take any color under different conditions.

We will discuss the reasons for above relationship in detail in live class.

Twelve Signs of Zodiac and their significations

Signs ruled by Sun (strong in day time): starting from Leo: 5,6,7,8, 11,12
Signs ruled by Moon (strong in night): starting from cancer in reverse order: 4,3,2,1, 9,10


SUN: fire, chetanya, strong will power, ruler, authority, father, son, power, positive energy, good health, copper, less hairs, Krura, central government, atma, king, fort, good temples especially Shivalya, Himalayas, Main or capital city of a country, worship places, courts, Judge, Leading Countries of world, electrical current, head, bones, heart, eyes especially right eye, brain, stomach, high grade fever, neck region, patience, enthusiasm, square, excitement, purity of mind and heart, short height, Minister, exhibited, red color, wood, benefic results, giver, status, responsibility, lord of eastern direction, strong in south direction (drigbali), Satvik nature, discipline, lover of justice, Lagna, self, no diseases, mantra Shakti, Luminary, fuel, ultimate weapons, creator, blessing of king, Science, vision, Ruby (Manikya), right breath, Gresham ritu, Ayana, one, shatriay, male, less progeny, less sexual interests, stability, rules knowledge which is transferred from one soul to another without undergoing practical education process under a Guru or through books, punishment, sentence

MOON: mind, food, emotions, feelings, happiness, art, travels, distant travels, a person coming from far off places, sorrow, vibrations, impulses, milk, breast, lungs, breath, baby, infant, rivers, depression, T.B., chest diseases, Heart, child, mother, old, curly hairs, instant attraction, skills, beauty, famous, Goddess Durga Temple, cloth, textiles, sweat products, agriculture, kafh, Vaishya, female, smile, sleep, travel, blames, fame, well, flowing river, ponds, Ganga, silver, cough and cold, neutral, pearl, Muhurata, Motherland, birthplace, goddess, face, honey, Lagna, shard ritu, paksha, intelligent, Chatra, benefic results, material growth, society, can not live alone, lover of night parties, likes western direction, strong in north-west, water, blood flow, sukhsma sharer, doubts, fears, crying, laughing, fast results, afraid of obstacles and death, public, masses, medication, cold, left eye, left breath, menstrual cycle, mother like ladies, mother-in-law, cheatings

MARS: Man, power, commander, bridge of nose, rocks, mountains, mines, metals, triangle, pillars, foundation stone, strength, parakram, loans, thief, police, Agni or fire, kaamagni, loss of semen, enemies, slap, immediate actions, expects immediate results, no patience, war, kindness, red, affection, foolishness, anger, fighting, bomb blasts, quakes, ego, foreign travels, step mother or any person who looks after like mother, ambitious, goals, targets, short height, professional status, power, chief minister, Lord Ganesha , Kaartik and Hanuman, young age, loss of body organ, surgery, accidents, eating flesh, victory over enemy, magistrate, heat, attacking others, aggression, hurting, weapons, sword, knife, kitchen, administrator, gold, shatryia, red, strong in mid day and mid night, seriousness, cruel, crazy about sex, high pitch sound, freedom, adamant, thoughtless actions, over confidence, patriotic, terrorist, head of defense (air force), abortions, younger brother, bone marrow, red blood cells, menstrual cycle, pitta, wounds, stones, power of expression, logical representation of lawyers, union leader, senior boss of company, south direction, non-orthodox, innovative, creative, new trends, modern life, change of technology, killings, property, bull, technical knowledge, machinery, bottom abdominal portion of a female resembling reverse triangle

MERCURY: Intellect, skin, education, younger sister, mathematics, speech, pawn of a chess, forehead, both sexes, maternal uncle, soft, dislikes direct fights, service class, written work, communication, green, girl or boy friend, soft spoken, astrology, Shri Hari Vishnu, birds, parrot, Taantrik, north-west direction, gem stones, doctor, teen age, eunuch by choice, bad dreams, un-predictable, prince, student, slim, business minded, selfish, shrewd, office politics, commerce, school, playground, park, green areas, source of information, journalist, diplomatic, self goal oriented, feels happy after his enemies die, does not forgive, aasteen ka saap, emerald, clerk, accountant, book writer, maternal uncle, tongue, memory, retention power, dumb, skin diseases, taaveez, yantra, mis-use spiritual powers of mantra Shastra, wisdom less, paper, lands

JUPITER: Wisdom, fatty, heavy body, blessings, growth, increase, rise, respect, powerful, heavy, nose, elders, elder brother, paternal side elders, safeguards, protection, help, donation, one sided love, sacrifices, high character, very high ideals, liver, gold, Brahman, child birth, son, yellow, pukraj, banks, insurance companies, highly literate man, preacher, teacher, pen, truthfulness, Vedas, adviser, head of the temple, Maha Rishi, stomach, Akaash, listening, kindness, law, male, very popular in ladies, Vivek, bhakta, bhagwan, grand son, Ishta Deva, destiny, life, physical body, rebirth, mantra, touching feet, high seat, satisfaction, obligations, any body who is kind to you, controller of birth chain, husband for a female as the most important male or elder, sacrifices, responsible, giver and giver, curtain, hidden, maryada, Sidh Purusha, Happiness, peace of mind, happy family, big house, controller of finance, horse, Tapasya, strong in eastern direction, yagya, remedies, elephants, very high quality vehicles, faith in God, Vaastu Shastra, Brham-Gyana, natural respect, name and fame, popularity, religious, Niyam Palan, well developed breast, hindu religion

VENUS: cheeks, wealth, sex, wife, beautiful, flowers, luxuries, cars, air-conditioned premium products and services, ambassador, political adviser, minister, highly diplomatic, very rich, high status, all facilities of material world, well furnished residence, entertainment, Dance bars, cinema halls, kiss, sleeping bed, bed-rooms, beautiful cloths, newly married woman, call girl, young age, silver, less water, semen, ovum, attractive woman, exhibition of body parts for sexual attraction, film industry, singers, water sports, group of females, dancing, swimming, maid servant, enjoys mating, skilled in sexual activities, material world, illusion, animal like behavior, weakness due to excessive sexual activity, loss of energy, beautiful body organs, extreme urge for sex, less clothing, expenditure, loss, status, all secrets related to 7th house, ornaments, jewelry, diamond, silk, multicolor cloths, perfumes, pleasant atmosphere, music lover, touch and feel, happiness from opposite sex, affairs, early marriage, intelligent, un used wisdom, Bhoga priya, extra marital affairs, secret organs, cows, Maha Lakshmi, material prosperity, happiness from material objects,

SATURN: sorrow, obstacles, decrease, downfall, income, profession, Maha-dukha, death, longevity, servant, service class people, technical qualification, sorrow, depression, legs, eunuch by age or default, almonds, soap, uses very less water, ice, cold & cough, dirty, odd smell, death like situations but no death, jealousy, hospital, mean, un-kind, selfish, waste expenditures, loss of money, never parts his articles, no donations, donations under extreme emotions, ass, disrespect, criticisms, fault finder, false words, old age, long body parts, big teeths, black complexion, Yoga, residential flats of middle class, machinery, handicap, surgical treatment, surgeons, bastard, eunuch, malefic karma, western direction, Paataal lok, misuse of power, animal like behavior, arrogant, Maha-Murkha, practical experiences, without a teacher, learns from mistakes, shudra, rejected by society, hatred, over-reaction, worn out cloth, damaged shoes, filthy hairs, hard words, karma fhala, failures, tall and thin, less skin, bony structure, black color, loss of job, no income, loneliness, self centered, aloof, self conscious, learns from past mistakes, vata, iron, valueless, looking down, life long servant, reduction, demotion, allegations, cremation ground, asuchi, jails, imprisonment, beggar, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, black udad, Mustard oil, Neelam, low profile works, labor class, huts, living in open air, small closed rooms, window less rooms, dark rooms, revenge, defeat, urinary problems, joint pains, paralysis, loss of memory, loss of vitality, poor immune power, slow movement, slow progress, late marriage, Vairagya, no educational degrees, no illumination, chronic diseases, wine, slow poison, Halaal Meeth, negative energy, duty, agyani, dogs, eagle, foreign languages, foreigners

RAHU: false logic, unstable, dissatisfied, makes and changes laws at his sweat will, cheatings and frauds, highly malefic karmas, planned malefic deeds, big gangsters, top terrorists, south, widow, bad smell, sweepers, character less, par istri or veshya gamana, swellings, Chaaya, bhut, prait, peeshash, invisible, grand father, false, malefic intentions, muslim, kabristaan, majaar, peer baba, chadar chadhana, sarpa, secretive, secret organs, ovary, testicles, leprosy, having sex with animals, sudden death, suddenness, great success, great wealth, material intuition power, Maha-Gyana, hair-line distance from God, foreign residence, round about, Urdu language, very hard words, retrogression, opposite results, Wheel, Saturn like results, nest, open terrace, wide roads and wide lanes, top spread of trees, wooden logs, bones of dead person, dragon’s head, smoking generated non treatable cough, gamblers, workless, speculation, gains without efforts, sudden gains, tunnels, illusions, confusions, chronic diseases, undiagnosed diseases, state of absent mindedness, shadyantra, poison, false image in society, skin diseases, un-expected behavior, trunk of elephant, serious obstacles, immense sorrow and hurting, bargad (banyan) tree, Samadhi, no hairs, dragon’s tail, tail, narrow lanes,

KETU: Moksha, top-most seat, top-most position, divine, dhwaja, Christians, chain, imprisonment, saints, stupidity, smoking, smoke, communicable diseases, maternal father, Tantra vidhya, Ganesha, Mars like, Doctor, dog, Sincerity and devotion, Maha Tapa, Brahma-Gyana, freedom from all illusions, all kinds of Aishwarya, seat above sun, mantra Shastra, Sidhi, high grade pain, Maun Vrat, Muni, T.B., freedom from imprisonment, atma Gyana, Vedanta, deep sorrows, events a person can never forget, emotional harassment, cheatings from very close relative like wife, mother, father, brother, sister etc. Shiv Gana, Cock, penis, vaginal crevice, tona-totka, rope, wires, roots, herbs, Dhruva (grass), kusha, wounds which can not be healed either physical or emotional, no work, Maha Santa, supreme energy, merged with all mighty, God like, trikaal gyani, immortal

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PANCHANGA - Vaar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan

Vaar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan put together makes Panchanga meaning five anga or parts.

1) Varsha (Year): There are primarily three types of years:-

a) Solar year : It starts when Sun enters Aries sign and is approximately of 365 days and relates to apparent movement of Sun in 12 signs
b) Chandra (Lunar) Year: It starts from Chaitra (lunar) month and Pratipada tithi of shukla paksha. There are approximately 354 days in a lunar year.
c) Brihaspatya Year: Brihaspatya means Jupiter and one Brihaspatya year is equal 12 months, the average time taken by Jupiter in a sign. It is also referred as Sanvatsar.

2) Ayana: There are two Ayana viz Uttrayana and Dakshinayan of 6 months each. When Sun transits from Capricorn to Gemini, the period is known as Uttrayana. And when Sun transits from Cancer to Sagittarius, the period is referred as Dakshinayan. Ayana is calculated from Sayana Sankranti only.
3) Ritu (seasons): There are six types of ritus or seasons in a year. viz. Shishir, Basant and Gresham in Uttrayana and
Varsha, Sharad and Haymant in Dakshinayan

Ritus (Seasons) Months
Gresham Ritu Summers June - July
Varsha Ritu Rains July - Sept
Sharad Ritu Autumn Oct - Nov
Haymant Ritu Early Winter Dec - Jan
Shishir Ritu Winter Jan - Mar
Basant Ritu Spring April - May

4) Maas (month): There are two types of months :
a) Solar Month is equal to Sun’s transit in a sign.
b) Lunar Month: Transit of Moon from a full Moon day to another full Moon day. There are 12 lunar months named as under :

Lunar Month Solar month
1. Chaitra Mar-Apr
2. Vaishakh Apr-May
3. Jyestha May-June
4. Aashadh June-July
5. Shravan July-Aug
6. Bhadrapad Aug-Sep
7. Ashwin Sep-Oct
8. Kaartik Oct-Nov
9. Margsheersh Nov-Dec
10. Paush Dec-Jan
11. Maagh Jan-Feb
12. Fhalgun Feb-Mar

Please refer Panchanga for better understanding

5) Paksha: There are two paksha of 15 tithis each in one lunar month viz. Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Shukla means bright or white and Krishna means dark or black. Starting from Amavasya (no moon day) and up to Purnima (full moon day) is shukla paksha because kala or brightness of moon increases in this period. From the full moon day to no moon day, 15 days period is referred as Krishna paksha as brightness of moon decreases in this period.

In predictive Astrology, great importance is given to the strength of Moon in terms of paksha bala (paksha strength). In general a planet is considered strong when in exaltation stage and is found in similar state or in benefic houses in 16 divisional charts. But for Moon, the first importance is given to its paksha bala instead of exaltation. A strong Moon or a f
full moon makes the person mentally strong to sustain or protect what he gets through his destiny or Sun (giver).

6) Vaar (Day): As we know there are 7 days in a week viz. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ….Saturday. It is good to know that sequence of week days have some sense behind and is explained as under:

Please refer the last page of first lesson wherein planet position is mentioned. Starting from Saturn as the outer most planet, next planet is Jupiter than Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon and finally we reach our Earth. Lets write it again in the mentioned sequence:


The first day of Săt Yuga i.e. the first day of Mahayuga starts from Sunday. As we know, there are 24 hours in a day; each hour or Hora is ruled by a planet starting from the same sequence as mentioned above. After Sun, second Hora belongs to Venus followed by Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, again Sun, Venus likewise till we count 24 Horas or hours. The day will finish after 24 horas and we enter into next day with 25th Hora. If you calculate, we get Moon as 25th Hora lord so Monday is the next day after Sunday. Likewise, please count further and we get 25th hora of Mars so Tuesday.

It is important to remember for predictive astrology that everyday starts with its own hora of 1 hour starting from Sunrise time. Remedies related to a planet gives best result if performed in its own hora or hora of friendly planet. If remedies (related to a planet) are performed in the hora of lord of sign of debilitation planet, it gives extremely poor results. For example we wish to perform remedy for Saturn on Saturday. Starting from Sunrise, the pattern is Saturn-Jupiter-Mars. This means third hora belongs to Mars who is lord of Aries, the debilitation point of Saturn. All remedies performed in this hora will yield negative results instead of positive. We will discuss about remedial measures in detail later.

7) Tithi: There are 15 tithis each in shukla and krishna paksha. One kala of moon is referred as Tithi.They are as under:

Name of Tithi Number Sangya Lord of Tithi
Pratipada 1 Nanda Agni
Dwitya 2 Bhadra Brhama
Tritya 3 Jaya Gauri
Chaturthi 4 Rikta Ganesh
Panchmi 5 Purna Naag
Shashti 6 Nanda Kaartik
Saptami 7 Bhadra Surya
Ashtami 8 Jaya Shiv
Navmi 9 Rikta Durga
Dashmi 10 Purna Yam
Ekadashi 11 Nanda Vishwadeva
Dwadshi 12 Bhadra Vishnu
Tryodashi 13 Jaya Kaamdeva
Chaturdashi 14 Rikta Shiv
Purnima or Amavasya 15 Purna Chandra or Pitra

Mathematical Calculation of Tithi:

Longitude of Moon – Longitude of Sun
Tithi = ________________________________

12 degrees

8) Nakshatra: There are 27 constellations or Nakshatra in 360 degrees zodiac each measuring 13 degrees 20 minutes. Abhijit Nakshatra is not used in predictive astrology but in Muhurata (auspicious time of a work) only. Each Nakshatra has four charana of 3 degree 20 minutes each. A native gets the first letter for his name on the basis of nakhshatra charana of Moon. They are as under:

Name of Nakshatra First letter of name (Naam-akshar) related to Nakshatra charan Nakshatra Lord
Ashwini chu, chay, cho, Laa Ashwini Kumar
Bharani Lee, Lu, Lay, Lo Yam
Krittika Aa, Ee, uu(udhar), Aay Agni
Rohini O, vaa, vee, voo Brahma
Mrigashira vay vo, kaa, kKee Chandra
Ardra Ku, Gha(Ghati-pal), da,
Chha(chatree meaning umbrella) Shiv
Punarvasu Kay, Ko, Haa, Hee, Aditi
Pushya Hu, Hay, Ho, Daa Brihspati
Ashlesha Dee, Du, Day, Do Sarp
Magha Ma, Me, Mu, May Pitar
Purva Phalguni Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu Bhag
Uttara Phalguni Tay, To, Pa, Pee Aryamaa
Hasta Pu, Sha, ana, Tha Savita
Chitra Pay, Po, Ra, Ree Twashta
Swati Ru, Ray, Ro, Ta Vaayu
Vishakha Tee, Tu, Tay, To Indraagni
Anuradha Na, Nee, Nu, Nay Mitra
Jyeshtha No, Ya Yee, Yu Indra
Mula Yay, Yo, Bhaa, Bhi Rakshsa or Naeyriti
Purva Shadya Bhu, Dhaa(Dharmendra), Fhaa, Ddhaa Jal
Uttara Shadya Bhay, Bho, Jaa, Jee Vishvaydeva
(Abhijit) Ju, Jay, Jo, Khaa Brhama
Shravana Khee, Khu, Khay, Kho Vishnu
Dhanishtha Gaa, Gee, Gu, Gay Vasu
Shatbisha Go, Saa, See, Su Varun
Purva Bhadrapada Say,so,Da,Dee (darjling) Ajaiykapaad
Uttara Bhadrapada Du, Tha(thakna meaning
feeling tired), Jjha(jharkhand), ana Ahirbudhanya
Revati Day(Devanand), Do, Chaa, Chee Pushaa

Let us take an example to understand the above table. Suppose a native was born with Moon in Aries sign, 7 degrees 30 minutes. 0 degree to 3 degrees 20 minutes of Aries belong to Ashwani Nakshatra and its first charan. 3 degrees 20 minutes to 6 degrees 40 minutes belong to Ashwani Nakshatra and its second charan. 6 degrees 40 minutes to 10 degrees belong to Ashwani Nakshatra and its third charan. 10 degrees to 13 degrees 20 minutes belong to Aries sign, Ashwani Nakshatra and its 4th charan. As the native has Moon, 7 degrees 30 minutes, he is born in 3rd charana of Ashwani Nakshatra. The first letter of his name will be “cho”.

9) Yoga: The time taken to cover 13 degrees 20 minutes or 800 minutes by (both) Sun and Moon. There are 27 yogas which are as under

Vishkumbh, Preeti, Aayushman, Saubhagya, Shobhan, Atigand, Sukarma, Dhriti, Shool, Gand, Vridhi, Dhruv, Vyaghaat, Harshan, Vajra, Sidhi, Vyatipaat,
Variyaan, Parigh, Shiv, Sidh, Sadhya, Shubh, Shukla, Brahm, Ayndra, Vaidhriti.

Unlike Nakshatra, yoga is just measurement of time of distance only.

10) Karan: Half of a Tithi is called a Karan so there are two Karans in one Tithi. There are 11 Karans viz. 1) BAV 2) BAALAV 3) KAULAV 4) TAITIL 5) GARA 6) VAANIJ 7) VISHTI OR BHADRA 8) SHAKUNI 9) CHATUSHPAAD 10) NAAG 11) KINSTUGHNA The first 7 of these Karans are char or moveable so it cannot be predetermined on which dates these karans are going to occur, but the last 4 karans are sthira or fixed and hence can be predetermined. Sthira karan occurs near Amavasya or no moon day and are considered in-auspicious.

11) Ascendant or lagana: The rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native is called as ascendant. We will discuss in detail about lagna and its mathematical calculations late.